Ted Kennedy, The House, Lucas discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Respectfully so thank you mayor who wasn't can i watch ted kennedy i will say that because they're the one who wasn't touch by ted kennedy but so many others were and you know you tell people they need to be careful you explain what took place the person is and still a member of the house may not even be alive and you won't mention their name so people are speculating the way you put an end to speculation congresswoman is the tell us what was why won't she tell us who anwar's it's not even a power position thing anymore also tell us as a wasn't ted kennedy and people are speculating it must have been ted kennedy why would they speculate ted kennedy of course go ahead the media took off that way he always treated me with dignity and respect and that's why it's dangers people to start speculating well it's not i mean you won't say who it is you come up you explain what took place but you won't say who did it why you're a congresswoman you're from a powerful family and in this instance the individual cannot harm you politically in a power way or any other way i don't know maybe maybe i'm just off about this stuff i shall i might be lucas in brazil on the mark levin app how you doing look uh i'll bet you agreeing to fox news.

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