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And there is a latest on that kim ron awan's story on the hill all that coming up at first we we told you a story about ten days ago now about a work sheet that was passed out in eighth grade class they were in loudon county that showed political spectrum showed people you know leftwing wing rightwing conservative liberal democrat republican and there was a lot of content on that there was objectionable most objectionable was that they had under under rightwing extremist they had kukluxklan and it was you know adjacent right next to a conservative republican description you know you know you you considered republicans uday it is just this side of being a clansman right well edwin you called in lots of calls from y'all out there in logging county said the yeah you would soon something similar to that well there's been a development and by the way i just wanted real credit one of you raised this to our attention new emails and you can you can email all the stuff to us at leirio show at wbalcom showed us a picture of the work sheet and you have called it said yeah we saw that to this is crazy and saying well that school principal is not responded and said yeah yeah we're not going to use this anymore i want to talk about this and and more with eric to kenneth now he is a member of allowed and county school board member represents the key talked in district thanks for joining us eric thank you sir appreciate it are you aware of this and the developments can you tell me what exactly the principles decided and a been whether this was a district wide situation i am aware of it and you know not only will pick a correlation right winger radar a wreath of conservative uh alarming at their own or or pretty concerning now if you look under the low liberal column uh they highlight at liberal uh nick change you and they feel that they should be done legally and peacefully i think if contrary to a lot of what we see in the new yeah under them moderate cold moderate terror or uh know hollerin' of other people view via can you aiding can me that uh you know decoder these other faction of political but we aren't tolerant right well.

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