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Uh cleveland golden state all right oh combination oh you know west worked out with pope paul george and carmelo anthony a youth and you've got to wonder how it's going to work out with two ball dominant guy hit a chris paul james harden not on our lago bore with away crew oh i did with away current if more anticipation of what will come next huawei oil by creator but uh we are all the meal that i want to cook yard on your vote that game uh i was hoping to be more mobile yet if there was so poor shooting performance and right was kind of a job a different type of game to do because my view being kind that was the worst game i've ever seen at staples center you're being very nice about it there were more players in that that will never play in an actual and no i am i going to put with the clippers with docked not playing at eve already uh i am like a college interspersed with or t leak lawyer i i think like hip uh you can relate who was a play by play to see you know guys we never really beforehand and warm choir was you know reported white two hours before the game and they don't even know you know talk can even though he was he was the one guy with them i give you a any was pretty good to have very weird yeah now away there was it was it go to warm up because it was in before we get hammered are restoring rail yet you're being your kind marburg is our guest marvel be with chris webber on the call for tomorrow's warriors rockets came at seven thirty that's the second game of opening night celtics cavs at five a marvin chris have warriors rockets at seven thirty in and on thursday you heard mark talked about lonzo ball marvel be at staples center the call lines oh balls debut lakers hosting the clippers at seven thirty marv i wanted to ask you bet steve kerr you worked with steve as your broadcast partner for a lot of years and i i got to know steve a little bit i always thought he would be a good coach i always thought that that was an interesting fit because he's a smart guy and i thought he would do well.

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