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Make you purchase an overclock sixes we head into the weekend looking pretty good making all man it feels great out there almost cool this morning in the fifties to sixties for warming up into the mid eighties today still low humidity levels for today and going into the weekend lows tomorrow morning into the low sixties this coming weekend upper eighty degree readings a few more clouds by Sunday but still dry air out there enjoy from the WBRC first alert weather center I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's morning news and right now real nice we get low humidity lots of sunshine and sixty nine news radio one of five five W. E. R. C. we're all feeling the weight of covert nineteen but for kids in poverty around the world things are becoming desperate join compassion international and provide for a family in poverty make your one time forty dollar gift text hope to eight three three nine three fourteen it is Alabama's morning news I'm J. T. and joining us now our fax correspondence with boxer up there at the White House good morning John decker welcome back in Hey thanks a lot you hope you're doing great today happy Friday to you thank you brother you as well beautiful weather hope things are nice in DC so art president really making some statements about the let's start why don't we with Seattle what's happening there's the mayor and city council basically turned over the keys to the Russia protesters.

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