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Bryant and Hefner Rogaine, total traffic. Here. It comes. We pretty much got rain in the forecast the entire week. We've got a flash flood watch in effect overnight and a one hundred percent chance of rain on Tuesday. We'll Edmund police shot and wounded a man earlier this afternoon who had stripped off all his clothes and was running through a neighborhood jumping fences and allegedly forced his way into a house with people inside police say they got into a physical confrontation with the man, I they tased him. And then he was shot at least once he was taken to own medical center. His condition is not known and officer was slightly injured during the altercation. Now this all happened in a neighborhood near second. And Santa Fe a measles update today from the centers for disease control and prevent. Mention there have been seven hundred four cases reported so far this year in twenty two states. There have been no cases in Oklahoma. The number is already higher than any full year's since nineteen ninety four three quarters of those who caught the extremely contagious disease our children or teenagers. A person was shot and killed over the weekend in law, and it was on Saturday and it happened outside a motorcycle club. Police say that there was a fight inside the club that spilled outside and two people were shot. One person died at the scene with the other was taken to a hospital and is reportedly in stable condition at the capitol today. State House Democrats released their budget proposal at includes a twelve hundred dollar pay raise for teachers and support staff two hundred million dollars for supplies and classroom funding state employees pay raise expanding Medicaid and increasing funding for mental health services among other things House Democratic leader, Emily. Virgin says budget is a moral document. And she says this budget fulfils our moral obligations as state for the first time in a decade. Country music superstar Blake Shelton announcing today that he and Luke Bryan will hold benefit concerts and tissue Mingo during Memorial Day weekend all concert. Proceeds will benefit the Oklahoma wildlife Conservation Foundation, and the concerts will be held Allred. Shelton's restaurant into Chaman go player was fired from the Tulsa roughnecks roughnecks soccer team after Saturday's game against the Oklahoma City energy. The team says Fabian best Dita's was let go for using foul and abusive language at another player. A T A Harris with Oklahoma City energy tweeted out that he was called the N word not once but twice as an insult during the game. And that he told the referee but the game continue now best eat us did apologize on Twitter. He said he never intended to be malicious or racist. And he said he has used the N word his entire life in talking to friends teammates, and the people he cares about he says.

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