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Crosses fashion furniture and industrial design in projects across the globe. He's latest work. Is the development of a concept car called strip which he has done in collaboration with many and bmw with many and bmw. To find out more about the vehicle. And smith's general approach to design monaco's nick minnie's caught up with creative smith began by sharing some key features of his latest design. The start off point was that i think many shape is fine as good the one that is currently in production so i didn't want to change that at all but what i did do was. I didn't paint it. So the body is raw is rosedale. The way just comes from the pressing and so he's got lots of little marks and little cat has got character each little scratches or marks. And it's not perfect at all. Then i just bought one simple layer of clear lacquer on it so it's a bit like the outside when you look at it from the street in the street. You think well what she done because he just folks silver car but in fact on closer inspection you finally got these little imperfections and it's so much diet your best pair of jeans or year. The jackie you inherited from your father may dotson swayed. Scott it'll scuff some marks and things on it so the outside is that also the the roof is plexiglass completely recycled and recyclable. I've stripped the whole of the inside of the minneapolis. Say you could see all the actual frame a cell from when you look into the roof for instance you could say that the actual frame of the car. There's nothing covering it up with. Ruth lining or anything sprayed it in a amazing blue inside a bit. Like an yves klein blue used. And you can actually see the role of the call from elements of you could see from the outside from the roof on the restroom. The inside on the outside. It called a spat on outside some of those three d. printed in recycled and recyclable materials. From our conversation off. Air that some of these paces on the outside of the car can be taken off using an allen key. They're almost modular. And i guess that other components like the airbags visible and there's no nerve and you've also got this amazing coke dashboard which is both beautiful. And i guess. A revolutionary use the material given all of these. Can you tell us about any other. Parts that a significant and what they're made over and maybe touch on on the sustainability component took part made specifically for this one off car made out of aluminium on the center of the steering wheel. You can actually see the bike just behind net like mesh stewart. Well he's going back to my love cycling. The steering wheel is covered in tackling tape. That you would find on handled all the doors a fabulous because they just got a recycling mesh on the door so you can see all the workings of the dole and the inside of the door and you can see the speakers a revealed for the music system. And then the actual goal handles are mountaineering. Row which have been made into a sort of sausage and they're how you close the door. It's really strict out and so well done many. Because they're already doing lots of amazing sustainability projects as comedy. Bmw minia really conscious of global warming the planet and they're doing wonderful things and all i was saying israel wate. What if we took out. What if we did that. What what about this. What about that. So who knows what whether it'll will. I mean the minis was in london than going to munich from the call fare. And then maybe it'll travel to some of the design fairs around the world because he's very interesting very thought provoking whether or not it'll ever progressing to elements of it going into production car or whether they'll be portsmith production car. We haven't had a conversation about that. I don't really know but he's really interesting. I mean that was my next question. Pull it concept car at the moment as much as it could develop into something for many and bam w and a relationship with you. Do you hope that maybe other manufacturers and designers see this and carnegie go like well we could use coconut alcazar or modular removable materials and that. Maybe it's sort of challenges. Conventional thinking about vehicles stephanie. one of the surveys. Hopefully it's a strength is quite well known for my lateral way of thinking about things and not going down the obvious route. Always i mean you probably familiar with shopping. Los angeles where. She's a bright pink box on melrose avenue and yet my shopping. My hometown is in the building built in seventeen. Thirty sakes so as a company on the fact that we've had this wonderful longevity as an independent company. Not part of the big group is i think often because i always enjoy challenging myself and saying what if and i've never seen on my laura was. This room is full of things. Things that are inspiring. I always describe. This room is a room. That's not childish. Because it's full of toys and objects and kate beautiful but it's more about being childlike. Childlike is in. My opinion is where you've not cluttered with education with experience with travel. You haven't got strong reference points of things you've witnessed so you've got this freedom to say. Well why don't we try that or let's have a go so question in a very long way round is yes yes. I hope it inspires not just car manufacturers. But if you look back in history. Seventy like richie drudges. They pump purdue or the beaubourg century in paris. Had all the services on the outside. German design a d. Toronto did all the wonderful thing for braun often. Usa radio and you could see all the workings inside so certain design is over the years of of of just been brave enough to do things differently building on this. How does this way of thinking relate to the the car industry and other industries more. Generally one of the huge problems for a car manufacturer a restaurant hotel of newspaper and magazine is that you're very conscious of all your competitors and so as a call manufacturer this is me saying there's not many another whether it's true but you know if say every company has a four wheel drive and they've got all these scott. The certain satnav de tally scotto projector. It's got a flap screen. It's got this then. You're nervous to not how those things because you're buying a call for yourself or your family and you think you have but this has got that and this that and so having a call is stripped everything out. I completed sound from a commercial. Point of view. Could be quite nerve wracking for the owner or the financial aspect of the company. Because you're being almost a bit too pioneering. You know want to ask you as well. You talked earlier about the difference between childish and childlike. And i guess the importance of being childlike can you. Can you tell us how this.

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