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Up in the press but you're often down hot dogs and burgers yes I did that he should give John Moran it Gerry Jackson of the Vancouver grid Vancouver the Memphis oldschool bless your heart for going away to school yes but he is basically shaming these guys by saying why are they eating cheese fries it down and thinkers and fries do the Grizzlies even have a nutritionist bless your little hat bushel hard Dan don't get into the nutrition game with finely tuned athletes when you're a sports writer I don't care what else you can you can critique there on the court all that I would steer very clear of ever critiquing professional athletes style when you're a sports writer with doing that that would I would say bless your little heart the fact that the players came out and started talking to to walk in about that bless his little heart that was hilarious on it as well to I'm gonna I'm gonna build upon that because it has something to do with the NBA summer league bless her little heart for everybody that was waiting to watch as I on Williams and play in the NBA summer league right out not only do you have the earthquake game but then all the sudden Williamson gets a little bit banged up and date the pelicans don't want to put him back in to the rest of the summer league so you know all these people that rolled in the Vegas again this is great we're gonna get to see the next future insight on Williams and I think that's that bless our little hearts they don't get a chance to do that because I wanted to see it right I want to seize I on right off the bat and see with these new look pelicans were going to look like alas they don't in it I spun this forward tell sure in the fact of we're we're in a world now were loaded management is a phrase that's used in the NBA and guess what it's something that's used properly right why Leonard sat down multiple games this season and when they were asked about it he said was load management we want to keep him fresh why think keeping him fresh was the difference maker in that series against the warriors especially after the warriors had their injuries and so to me I'm intrigued to see how the pelicans handles I on Williamson going for they've already sitting him out for summer league but are we going to get to the point where NBA players are playing more of the sixty five game schedule especially on contenders as opposed to playing all eighty two and maxing it out because just like we saw missile you Jerry go all in for quite littered in it worked if it worked up calving load management for your star why would you not do this more often if you're if you're an NBA franchise if you truly want to win it all I think it's such a tricky question the answer is yes and I think right as people are studying this and you're you're not getting data on all kinds of different things collecting it with these wearable devices and how the practice heart rate all these things and you're seeing that it's beneficial in the long slog of an NBA season now the question is will you shorten the schedule because what's really tough is to ask your fans to pay obscene amounts of money for season tickets and then you don't know you know when lebron comes to town once if it's the marquee box right and you get your Lakers tickets because you want to see lebron an eighty well lebron doesn't come all of a sudden you don't wanna be alienating your fans now you can understand that could happen injuries happen but if it's just lebron sitting there and he's going to play the next night in Detroit but he decides not to play here because you know the bucs have a good squad and if we're gonna rest lebron let's rest him at a road game where maybe we were going to win anyway as that's where you have that problem and I think Adam silver is trying to figure out how can we keep our revenue similar playing less games which everybody knows is the right way to do it but nobody wants to give up my well it into his credit I am I don't know if you miss this news a couple weeks ago Adam silver said the how are putting together an exploratory group to kinda white board these ideas of possibly shorted shortening the NBA season and that's a way to do it and I don't know I don't know if you ever take games off to sleep because of the of the television contracts right but if it becomes more acceptable that these guys are playing sixty games because guess what if it worked for quite Lynyrd there's other teams that are going to be able to do it I would be surprised if we don't see lebron James never played any more than sixty five games in a season of keeping him fresh because guess what you're not trying to in a regular season title like James harden the rockets you're trying to win it all you're trying to have a bear that's going to fly forever nestled in regions why yeah in a severe dispatch you like Nick Foles outside of the link which is so crazy to me that's the reason why they should do it follow us on Twitter at mark Tauscher sixty five or myself at Peter burns ESPN reminder Major League Baseball commissioner rob Manfred going to join goalie can we go on set at the house of blues in Cleveland tomorrow nine thirty AM eastern art coming up little rapid fire water cooler including the Cleveland Browns quarterback that got married in NBA jam making a comeback that next and best week ever why there's a full quickly it's another thing to see clippers for long QT jam with Paul George that.

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