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Get them Bolsheviks late last night and this morning completely different energy from Bubba Wallace last night like you said he went on Don Lemon show, and he was still a little playing the victim well. Yes, there, there was still a new stair still an issue. EXCETERA sleazy woke up this morning and we started the statement. He put out right before the show. Essentially saying I understand that it wasn't a hate crime. I think we can all laugh this. We all laugh at this I. Don't know that bubble wallace ever played the victim, and you see the statement on the screen I don't know Wallace ever played the victim ourselves. He was a victim in his mind. And then he realized wait a second I'm not I can breathe a little bit easier i. have no problem with the man taken twelve hours sleeping all saw waking up and changing his spotless, they tried to give them the scarlet letter V. They did ban. He knew at a certain moment. I need to change clothes I. Need to take this off and you say. Sleep it off whatever you have to do. Whatever your process is because that's the responsibility of this moment you rallied all of these people for something positive, but it was a watershed moment off of the incident. Once you realize that that is different different information. Different response I love Bubba Wallace this morning in his post last night and this morning an interview I was waiting for him to get to that post and don't you think that the issue? The issue at hand is Wallace always received secondhand information. Let's really lessen the real issue here. We got ruined. The first thing he heard was. Hey, there's reports of a noose. He never saw it so as soon as he hears. Hey, it wasn't actually a news. He's still trying to figure things out. The man never actually witnessed anything firsthand himself auto I saw you girl kissing home. You're going to have a reaction, but it ain't. GonNa be think throttle. You go find out right. You don't have to find out and when he found out, they told him. Why are you still full auto? That was my last night and it was only twelve hours a full throttle when you knew you were in the wrong lane and. Only issue just answering this question I with you in spirit, but BUBBA take the beet says they come, and you know why people really criticizing him, and it's not even his fault once again is because this feels all too familiar for so many people. You want to be real. This cocktails has been served before. For whatever reasons people are looking at our. See it online and I. Understand it because I've been hearing it for too long. Okay, so who? There's three steps to this that seems in common, so want who is defined as racially ambiguous. You know mixed race whatever you want to go. There always questioned not black, enough, white enough and they don't. Don't have a car experience a lane for them, so then they're always being questioned of who they are. So what happens in this situation which is common to other situations? There's some kind of work issue going on. You were bist Colin Kaepernick because injury or in this situation in Ada starts would've finished in the top ten six times and top-five twice and people were like. A we're talking about race, but also don't forget. You're a racer and you need to go out there, so some people were like. Geez is struggling to hold on sponsorships. everything is kind of even bubble. Said is eight that him since two thousand seventeen. He can't win a race the last kind of ingredient in this cocktail. Is.

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