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Just challenged challenged status cool. Speaking of challenges have been some of the biggest challenges that you have seen in your career so far that have gotten to where you are today. Honestly I think it'd been very fortunate of worked with a low of amazing people amazing managers and then you also get the you know not so good people work with but I think it's all learning and now as a you know relatively young manager Enuma position I often think backs to those time swin somebody's dealt with the situation really well and if admired them and and another time when a flow I would not handle a situation like that and I try and think about that law and it helps me keeps me you know on the right path normally and there's times I've done things I think maybe shouldn't have done that or I could do that. Baronets time so the biggest challenges is just you know taken in your stride and I think I've learned to take advice and criticism definitely used to bother mail when I first starts and industry and it does all of us inning so healthy and is your rent. Sometimes people will be wrong and there and it's it's not right but take on board. Thank you and there's often conversations or you know heated. Conversations may be or just long conversations I've had when I was training offshore with supervisors or in the workshop workshop and I learned so much from those people specifically no I think back and think that was some of the best advice ever got so not challenges as such but I look back now and think more fondly of them than German factual moment itself right hi good good learning learning times in your life so tell me what do you do with your team because you've been there and you're dealing now with these young people that are just fresh eager and ready to go tackle the world. How do you motivate them? What is your advice is to them? When when you're first getting your feet in the door absolutely honestly I'm very thankful that the new graduates are sold eager in keen to do things definitely helps when you're you know just starting in your career as a low of hard work and it should be honestly you need to learn from climbed up and and that the workshop time does free and building till's and I think quite often the perception is that you know engineers or people don't want to get their hands dirty and I would say that's not true for the majority of my is they're? They're the great <hes> and they want to learn and they want to be hands on so encouragement is normally get stuck in and learn as much as you can ask as many questions. It doesn't matter have stupid. You may think they are asked them. Because if you don't you won't learn and if you don't make mistakes then you learn from them so just go there and get stuck in really an that typically helps but there's times you know it's hard and this industries hard industry and fast paced and it's very hot here and people wanted the field so trying to give them balance and gave them through tough situations but we work with amazing people and I have to thank over people heard an operations and who are in the workshops assembly maintenance and overhaul that gate them because I don't. Get to spend every minute of my deal with each of them to do those things and they're certainly people in the company that have a lot more experience than those eighty so I do rely heavily on the team around me to help motivate them and get them involved in things fantastic you mentioned it's taught here. Yes West Texas is hot if you're living on the other side of the world listening to us. What do you think makes the Permian so great? Honestly I was talking to colleague wrote this earlier and I do really think that the people here have been wonderful and have made my time you know get getting acclimated here a lot easier and I mean outside of work of some fantastic you know friends for life sort people but in terms of career and personal growth there is there's so much for your career here and I think young professionals who are in oil and gas and who are potentially getting opportunity to come to the Permian should a hundred percent teak that opportunity. This is where it's happening in that we hear law people's perception. Oh we're not gonna like the aired or I don't WanNa move. There and I think that's really sad because they're messing. Honestly I would not have had opportunities I have had had been for me stain in Aberdeen. You know if I if I hadn't come here I wouldn't have had those opportunities and and I'm forever thankful. When I think back to win the offered me that possession to come to the Permian at a time? The director and Aberdeen didn't want me to move but he'd said to me all you know there's somebody in the primary in and they're they're looking. Can you and they really want to offer you a job to out there and I said one hundred percent I'm going to do it. Everybody was like why why are you WanNa do it and I was like well. Aberdeen is not picking up it still slow. I'm not going to learn anything state. I mean I'm going to continue to grow not other piece one ton. I'm ready for change and and then I remember speaking to the gentleman over here the today at the time about coming to the Permian and he was you know he was sailing. He was like it sunny. You know all of style work and implied by and I was like I have visited here before he was like Oh police. They'll take the job because I think people come in the days are the you know automatically think. It's not going to be a good place in one hundred percent is but Amazon you absolutely but the career ear opportunities and development are here <hes> and I would strongly advise people who are getting opportunity or who feel like they need something else and want to expedience. This is the place to be couldn't agree more. I can agree more. Let's talk about where we're everyone. Sees the Permian going and I know that we all wish we could just kind of go. Oh yeah this is GonNa you know oil's going to skyrocket to this and that and throw these numbers out. Where do you see it? And how does that play a role in your business. Honestly I feel that I I mean the oil and gas industries basically call and say comes up and it's GonNa come down and things but we're we're currently at. I think you know B._H._D.'s accompany. Our businesses based on more customers are doing as well so we do pivot a law and I and my department touches you know the drill in rake the wireline units the coil units work over unit so very fortunate in that sense that completions in well intervention plays a part and all of that and there's Times that you know we're busier on the call unit site fight for WORKOVER ANGELINA FRAC plugs and in clean versus you know drilling a hell gelling ahead on drilling rig and complete in the well with lighter hangers and things so I've seen shifts over the last two years but we are still growing which is great so I see her I._C._S.. Continuing to to be busy and working over the next couple of years whether that means our operators you know drop a little bit and Rick Cone bought maybe do more in the work oversight and trying to enhance production on some of the walls they've lost production over the years again. It depends we'll each student and there's some that were killing ahead especially last year and had a lot more wells completions setting as doc so they're basically waiting to complete them but that is pipeline constraints and I will not pretend an expert and they and I've certainly have a lot of educating myself to do on that but I am not concerned. That Permian is going to go away anytime soon. Honestly I'm with you. It's not going. We're here to stay. Let's talk a little bit about some business tools that have helped you and your life. Do you have any in particular that you would say really have helped you get to where you are today. So in terms of business tools honestly at Baker Hughes is being my biggest business till I start with them and I'm still with them to the stay on networking has been one of the you know the baked things for me within the company <hes> I've met people from all over the what else that helped me transition when out the opportunity to move internationally as well as communicate internally with different product lines different departments to learn things and improve things within my department so if that kind of answer your question I would say network in a huge thing avenue. That's a great tool and it's it's not just by the happy errors and the socializing. It's you know having that conversation with somebody in work. That does something that you don't know anything about because there's so many times I've had a brief conversation with somebody and and then months later I thought I wonder if that person will know why need or who need to speak to and they have right and that is helped me the best you the most actually been resourceful and reach out and am not free to ask people you may be don't know and and get to know them and and whatnot so maybe not much business tool but one of my business tools if that if that can answer questions I love that one and that one's free networking you just go talk to people and get to know them and build those relationships. I think that is a key in any business. I may cost you a coffee once that's about it. What about podcasts or books? Do you have any favorites that you listen to so and people who know me and may lesson to this after we'll laugh if talking about my big club because I am a repeat offender under for reading the Book Club and there forever forgiven me and letting me attend which I'm always thankful for but something we've started recently with Jimmy Butler and and the team is kind of pass more professional books and I would say ah there's no one that's really sticking out to me just yet but I'm Kinda just getting my feet wet there and reading and my advice would be do read a lot and encourage you to read about the business and where it's going and podcast like this for you know your local local eighty a- and there's a lot of names on there and people that you can learn something from so one hundred percent try and you know brancheau and and find things and there's always the you know the top ten bestsellers and things but most of the books I've heard about as of late is being with work so we've ministered this internal bit club and Jamie's the best of that she has so many wonderful books he reads and I love here and what she's reading. You know what your team is reading. She passed some good good ones and I ended up picking. Stop apologizing which makes me laugh so I I'm halfway through and so far so good. That's a good one. That's fantastic. What about your path? Where do you see yourself ten years from now? What is your goal in and the oil and gas business? I I'm on a great pass just now am I feel that you are you're doing great personally and professionally being very fortunate of how to work hard and there's definitely a lot more work to be done and six years in I think when I can retire and it's along so you're very young hope it continues in the direction as being and I've been very fortunate to hold several different positions with the company and there's a lot to be said about you know sticking with some something. Something for a period of time to really grasp it and mastered it because quite often and a large company when your progress and you know your potential you'll you'll maybe move position sometimes a little bit quicker than you would have liked and you can the just just master and you're trying to hone your skills and perfect them so like I just got that down now. Come on now I will say I'm definitely I've been open to a lot of change and and opportunities like the primary when they come up on. I and I certainly am open to travel with the company globally and you know progress up in the by clear so I hope these keep coming on l.. Certainly be lots of yeses for me but it has to make center has to make make sense professionally and personally and this position to calm was an opportunity to manage a team get closer to operations again which was where my heart was honestly and a really missed it. When I was in my social oval that was amazing? expedients audience commercial <unk> expedients unagreed introduction to the Party and and I see myself you know going back into that kind of role later my career but yeah definitely like what I'm doing currently and excited to see how mateen grew over the next year and how they progress progress because they're the pipeline in the future so fantastic. Do you have favorite quote that you live by. Oh my goodness. You knew I was Gonna ask that right. I'm laughing again my colleague I keep referring to she'll laugh when she she listens to this cushy does listen to all your all of the podcast and love hearing that and thank you for listening and we normally have a cool off our team meetings which is so funny like we Google every call and we call them off so I'm trying to think of my favorite one talent is nothing without hard..

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