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In this past sunday. Israel's defense minister and deputy prime minister. Benny ganz traveled to ramallah on the west bank and met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas it was president of buses first official meeting with a senior israeli politician in more than a decade wolves. This perhaps a transcendent diplomatic breakthrough a first step towards a just and lasting peace between israel and palestine. Eight tantalizing glimmer of a bright dawn of coexistence and cooperation. The short answer is no the longer answer. Hopefully at least long enough to pat out the rest of this explainer is roughly as follows. Forest dot describing mahmoud abbas as palestinian president while technically accurate since two thousand five is practically vaguely ridiculous even at his best about has been effectively president only of the west bank which is more or less governed by abbas faction fatah for the last decade and a half palestine's other patch gaza has been controlled by the islamist militant organization. Hamas who might just about pay israel more than they loathe fata. But you would not want to try living on. The difference and abbass is long past his best. He is eighty five years old and has not attempted to renew his mandate since being elected he is now sixteen years into a four year term. This becoming of palestinian democracy is not entirely his fault. It is one of many symptoms of the standoff between fatah and thomas but abbas occupies the office he occupies so it is entirely his responsibility and abbas generally has caught an unimpressive figures since skulking out of the shadow of palestine's irrepressible salesman yasser arafat boss is unpopular and widely perceived as inept and corrupt. Few palestinians have failed to notice the fabulous wealth accrued by his sons kevin. Here's a whole mountain of corruption. Exclusivity coordination ignoring legitimacy and ending older democratically-elected references of the palestinian people therefore we wanted the dissolution of the government and elections through which people will choose their leadership that expresses dan and other than that. He has no value. Airbus's visitor certainly did not feel the need to hit any tone. More loft even pragmatism laced with indifference. The stronger the palestinian authority is the weaker. Hamas will be benny ganz told reporters and the greater its ability to govern. Is the more security wheel. Have and the less. We'll have to do to that end gaunt's broughton offer of alone worth about one hundred and fifty five million. Us dollars from israel to the palestinian authority. This will be advanced against the taxes. Israel collects on the palestinian authority's behalf gaunt's also said israel would recognize thousands of palestinian residents of the west bank currently without proper documentation and grant israeli work permits and west bank building permits to others. All of which is more than nothing but kind of sounds more like an email than a meeting. So why did gaunt's go. There are a few reasons for this. Israel's newish prime minister naftali bennett recently. Visited the white house and gordon full from. Us president joe biden about a two state solution so sending dance to ramallah is a signal. That bennett may be less stubborn than he's predescessor. Benjamin netanyahu although israeli sources have been careful to stress that there is not currently a diplomatic process with palestine. And that there isn't going to be one. Don't get any ideas etc. There is a domestic angle as will bennett's governing coalition has a wafer-thin majority in the knesset reliant in part on the left wing to status of the meretz party and the israeli arabs of the united arab list. Bennett has to give them something. However little bennett personally might prefer to be also gains is doubtless positioning himself. A former general and chief of the general staff of the israel defense forces. He now leads the centrist liberal blue and white party and clearly fancies being prime minister. One day more cynically. It will have occurred to israel that any cooperation with them. By abbas further fractious palestine and indeed since the meeting a buses domestic opponents have leapt at the bait both hamas and islamic jihad have issued characteristically thunderous denunciations accusing us of quote unquote and so forth. We are then a way from handshakes in the white house. Rose garden and nobel prizes around from israel's perspective naftalie bennett has previously and gracelessly compared the palestinian issue as equivalent to shrapnel in the buttocks by painful but manageable as for palestine it is isolated by the arab world's waning interest in an ossified conflict and by the obduracy of hamas at al who in the common manner of revolution results remain kina on vainglorious violence than constructive solutions. The miserable reality as things stand. Is that where peace is concerned. Israel's leadership doesn't need it and palestine's leadership doesn't want it from monocle twenty four i'm andrew miller..

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