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Deal or a deal that they shouldn't the kids shouldn't pass up and the FBI could've taken that just that soundbite and used it as they bit of evidence that he could probably draw in we'll wait to court and possibly get him to say something different. So it's not actually affect right now. Because that information has not been released in. We'll wait was forbidden from saying anything about it. They wanted to get him in court to try to twist him up and find out if he could say something other than what was said on those tapes because he really didn't have any idea what he said on those tapes. While said less if I ever get in trouble. I'm gonna ask you to represent me. Thank you very much. Joe is up next. Hey, joe. Good afternoon Bal. How you doing today? Great joe. Well after listening to give up fair and how he got to be. Well, I wouldn't go say the dumbest dummy from America's Georgia the done that yoga is you're saying that Nick from Georgia's the dumbest collar on the show. Hey, the dumbest person ever that. The dumbest person ever. I like that by the I'm looking around the studios anyone disagrees, and he hands. Well. Well, he needs a trove if dumbest person of the century. But anyway, this thing with LA down at LSU. You know, they say to me, they just keep having probably coaches like that know, how to have them, but thing was less miles. And then I think they waited extremely too long. We'll wait to do what they did today. But it just the the whole administration and LSU just think jolly I mean, I know high school programs that had bad things, but they're not as bad as as LSU, and it just seems to keep getting worse. But now like coach oats that Alabama just hired. And how do you think he's going to be doing this year? He I don't know. Joe? I know he's waiting like everyone in Alabama for the player from mountain brook to make a determination. He's certainly looking seriously at Memphis LSU, Alabama. I think Alabama's got a shot at him. That would be a big boost to the new coach. Thank you for the call. Great to have you on. We check out Adam next, Adam go right ahead. How do you think? Oh, do you say that Alabama? If Alabama had Clinton scheduled last year, do you think that they would have beat Clinton the national championship? If Clinton had Alabama schedule this year. I mean last year. I think I understand where you're going. I don't think it would have mattered. I think Alabama had a more formidable schedule but not by much Alabama's toughest game. Last year was going to Baton Rouge. And it turned out to be a a a wipeout Alabama. I had to play Georgia which was more difficult than Clemson playing Pittsburgh. But by the time, we got to January seven I I don't think any of the schedule really mattered. I think it would mattered was Clemson was a much better team. On that night in Alabama was really beginning to disintegrate. I do appreciate it very much for call. Anyway, updating the big news of the day. Joe Aleve pushed out at LSU. And it appears very likely that Scott Woodward, the athlete director at Texas AM. We'll take his place we've seen this nothing quite like this. But remember, Scott stricklin left? Mississippi State a couple years ago to replace Jeremy Foley the circumstances. We're much friendlier though. We'll see you tomorrow. Thank you. For listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern..

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