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Welcome back to daly breath. I'm Deepak Chopra. Surrender is the act of erasing the line between life and death entirely when when you can see us as the total cycle of debt within life and life within debt. You have served in debt. So now you are true mystic orchestra mystic mystic means surrendering to mystery. That's all it means. And the greatest mystery in the world is that we exist and equally great is the mystery that we are aware that we exist so awareness of existence and existence. Go together now. I've already told you. That awareness by south is timeless so therefore existences nameless think about that for a moment. Okay and you'll understand what surrender means Means full attention to present moment experience it also means appreciation of life's richness which is called gratitude. It also means opening yourself to what is in front of you right now without judgment it also means letting go of Your Eagle. Which is a fiction fictional identity to begin with it means humility and not so much hubris. Sir Or what we call her. Again's IT beings being receptive to all possibilities and it also means allowing love to enter your life unconditionally..

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