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Trump basketball guys they were only thirty three percent three point thirty three seven in the regular season there thirty seven percent also i read in the post season okay you say they had to be hired south james the regular season all right let's close it's right there they are going to look to attack and kick back in the favorite tonight no chris no boston home this year they're so well coached at least that's how we phrase it how do we phrase it because the bronze bigger impact who has been wrong ron james is your greatest player ever to coach is gonna have a bigger impact in the greatest player in the sport today in this sport there is sometimes only so much a coach can do and he's great but if lebron decides usually always agree with you on the players side except me who's the best coach in the nba today brad stevens no shot all your and i and i love your you're insane not a second earned say non one more than me is the greatest just because he's won five titles i think is great and i think stevens is great quin snyder is great i think there are a few what happened in red stevens pass coach in abia cammo house kids i don't know your but i think all three of the way but you can't put him ahead of gregg popovich whose one five rings plea i think you can make an argument for any one of them i'll be honest brad stevens we'll have more rings how about this more rings when he's done i could make any easy ranch more rings than pop you don't have young brad stevens i know years copy had a player fifteen greatest coach four hundred dunkin i mean let's face it he had one of the ten or twelve greatest players in history to win titles i'm saying let's you get stephen surrounded by he could have imagined the kyri irving healthy and gordon again he may trend la you can't put him at number one i hear you i think he's the best coach in the nba right now from picking a guy to take my is over alco with you there okay so that makes them the best coach right now you can't buy back a young coach.

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