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Warns the pandemic is not over. With thousands of people still dying from the virus each week. The markets have been up and up nicely today after a strong jobs report with less than a half an hour before the closing bell, but the stock market and state of the U.S. economy could take a big hit if President Biden and congressional Republicans are not able to resolve an impasse over the debt ceiling. Let's get more on that now from WTO's Mitchell Miller. Today on the hill. The democratic chair of the Senate budget committee Sheldon whitehouse says Republican efforts to link the debt ceiling to major spending cuts could needlessly put jobs in the economy at risk, crashing the global economy if we don't get what we want isn't policy making. It's hostage taking and it's extremism. But the ranking Republican on the Senate budget committee, senator chuck grassley, says the president has contributed to the problem along with Democrats. Their reckless and irresponsible strategy of delay has failed. But the delay in discussions will soon end with a highly anticipated meeting on the issue at The White House next week, involving the president and House speaker Kevin McCarthy. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. Meantime, the president says he'll have a message for congressional leaders when they hold that White House meeting next Tuesday. The president says he believes both parties can have divergent views on taxes and spending. But he insists that the debt limit and the federal budget be discussed on two separate tracks. Let's have the normal arguments, but that's what we have a budget process. To debate and open so you all can see it. He describes Republican proposed budget cuts as draconian and warns of significant job losses if the nation defaults on its debt for the first time. Steven portnoy CBS News, The White House. Three 34 now in some sad news to pass along this afternoon, a Stafford county toddler, who went missing yesterday afternoon, has died. The sheriff's office says they got a call for a missing three year old just after four 30 p.m., deputies went into search mode, and they eventually found the girl in some water, half a mile from her home. That was around 7 last night. Sheriff's office says the deputy who found the girl performed CPR until medics got there. She's taken to a hospital where she later died. Sheriff's office in Stafford county says they are still in the early stages of their investigation, but this does appear to be an accident. As CVS Pharmacy in northwest D.C. has again had its shelves emptied by a group of shoplifters. Earlier, this week we told you a group of about a half dozen shoplifters filled bags, shopping carts and crates full of household items from a CVS on Connecticut avenue and one in Spring Valley. Thursday, D.C. police say the CVS on Connecticut was again hit and that the getaway car was similar to the stolen Kia with D.C. plates that was used in the first two crimes, asked if they're planning on posting security guards, a corporate spokeswoman said CVS is working with D.C. police and the safety of their colleagues and customers is their top priority. Neil Logan stained. Three 35 today is Cinco de Mayo and some people are celebrating with a margarita or four. However, may 5th on a more serious note is also missing and murdered indigenous peoples awareness day. An old law from the 1970s prevents Native American tribes from having criminal jurisdiction on their lands in kidnapping and murder cases involving non Indian suspects. John echohawk, executive director of the Native American rights fund says this day was designed to pressure Congress to change that law. The number of missing and murdered indigenous people on our lands is greater than any other group in the country, because we don't have this protection. And so every May 5 now, we always have this awareness day and we're seeking to have Congress change the law so that our tribal governments have criminal jurisdiction. Don't miss the entire conversation on episode one 51 of JJ's podcast colors a dialog on race in America. That's one week from today. You can find current episodes rather of colors anywhere. You get your podcasts. Coming up after traffic and weather and money news? How much of a pay bump would a new job get you? I'm Jeff cable. And then does artificial intelligence creep you out? There's an effort to build trustworthy AI in our region. I'm Kate Ryan. Three 36. We're

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