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I don't really want to look like that. But the bombs are still so it said rigid cravat us thinking well. You know what maybe anita rigid cravat. Because the little micro vatsa quite loose to tight around the neck when you have where a cravat who ascott so cravat necktie. The tuck into the shirt looks toy elegant but from a bygone age young fellow in gossip girl the mention his name by the way the old gossip goes much better than a new one. Just saying if you kids out there. You millennials genetics is out there who love gossip. Girl walks the old series of gossip girl. Not the new one. The new one is snowflake central. In my opinion anyway we'll we'll push that will push to one side of the podcast and back the bombs of still so richard cravat. Well okay artificial intelligence. Aal's you've done well rated five stars. I thought wow that'd be nice and comes run. The net probably quite elegant as well but then it says rigid cravat stalk scavenges daughter fast thinking well stokes the bird with a long long beak. That goes fishing. Maybe like a little bit. Like an osprey i guess and then the scavenges daughter thinking well that sounds like a torture weapon that they used in medieval times. The skullcaps made him with the spikes. And inside of this is coming painful. I don't want cravat. The spiked digging into my neck sounds bloody awful. And then be so. It's the torture item that nor people using the boudoir. They like pain Champion on the other hand bucks. Very soft unicorn pillow talk about later so the bbs cravat rigid stalk scavenges daughter. Still metal restraint is not really for me and is also two hundred forty six pounds now. That's a lot of steel. That's a lot of metal and you know what it looks pretty heavy as well and not only looks painful but it looks looks. Looks very heavy on want to be bench pressing the rigid cravat stalk scavenges daughter. Be dsm bombs of stale. I mean what a title for a start. How could they fit that in there. So i say no. Thank you to that. I think i'm going to stick to my silk cravat with the calls. So we have some real time feedback. So if you're listening on the musical chappie addition the musical butler. Emporium edition gov on spotify podcast ankara fan. Then you would have heard a little band. I think it was a deejay don sensation. Well one eight wonder if you can call a one hit wonder don sensation sexist. Sonic i thought it was year. I've been looking for that to a for probably fifteen years. Now you can find it on youtube but now they streaming it on spotify so you have to delight that will sex. Sonic i thought it. Was you a tune that was long lost. Buried in the of the covenant. It might have been dit in christ's blood and the holy grail but it's a great dance tune to get you close to examine to that and if you're listening to the audio version we'll just look it up. Thought it was used sexist. Sonic the twelve inch. You want the twelve inch one. The big version launch version. You wanna be toning launch anyway. We'll we'll push that to von side and we will continue with the so if my mama's listening right now all my sister all maybe anybody related to me You can you just Just just chew out for sectors. I'll give you a few seconds at june. So i heard this in the week. News breaking news. The sexual position formerly known as sixty nine now called ninety-six due to the economy. The cost of eating out is severely gone to the internet. Reacts to americans first attempt at the full english breakfast brave american is risked the wrath england by sharing a picture of the very first attempt the most english traditions a goodall freia but as it turns out they did a pretty good job having headed to the local grocery store to collect the requisite ingredients. They cooked pledges. Sausages fried tomato fried mushroom bacon and scrambled eggs. Which is and of course. What would the full english be without baked beans so they include a big pile of them before rounding their efforts off with some dotted white toast before eating the plateful of breakfast delights. The cook took a photo that and later shedded on reddit saying as an american i tried my best with what they have at the grocery store. It was right. Thanks for inventing this slot. Waft english people are known to have very protective riots people at read it was suitably impressed with the debut effort from across upon the voters gained over twenty thousand uploads and plenty of positive comments. This may will be the finest looking. American breakfast made unamerican yes seriously well donald chap one post the manage to reference english institution on portrait by noting that could even use the sausages as a bright wall to between the eggs and baynes thirst cloth back of the net despite cramming three pontoons quotes into one reply unlike allen. They did give the breakfast score out of ten brit. Living in the us also gave full praise for the effort. I can attest it is to find the ingredients for good english breakfast. My american wife knows where to get the right beans and sausages from now but to go to two different supermarkets. Well done on. The breaking another person added this post basically makes you a british citizen. Some commentators had a few concerns on one questions inclusion of tribes in the scrambled eggs. Saying i don't want to worry anybody. They're supposed to be something green on the plate slightly healthy not part of the whole mantra of the fried breakfast of a suggested a missing ingredient next time at some black pudding But you know this is probably making incredibly humvee saying they'll have an asian since breakfast this morning. So let's go through the full english breakfast. See will they had on the planet so we had. The fried eggs baked beans. We had going to give them the butter. We had tomato Oh yes yes. Well we're not gonna yes. Alas they didn't have the blood pudding. They didn't have the black pudding and they had a white slice butter toast but they did not have. The fried sliced the fried bread. You need the fried bread. And i hope that they didn't use the baked beans or the bits of fatten if the if they use the baked beans with a bit of fatten You need to have the vege- vegetarian version of the heinz baked beans or you get this..

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