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Five four six two six David Theroux, the founder president and chief executive officer of the independent institute is clearly an innovator, and you were mentioning the love of entrepreneurship that exists. Among these these younger people how good are they at it? I mean, some of them are quite good. But as a group did they know enough about business and about this this cursed, free enterprise system, and that that dreaded disease known as as greed. I mean, they sound at times a little starry eyed as a group to really have the the hard nosed attitudes that are necessary to make entrepreneurship work. Well, the BNP parabas does a global entrepreneurship entrepreneur poor each year, and they found that millennial entrepreneurs have launched about twice as many businesses as. Baby boomers. And there's still in the process of doing it. And of course, boomers are retired or retiring, so I think that they're in part of this is because of the interest in tech based businesses. Financial tech, Ed tech med tech. And so on so and that comes through in the love of episodes as well. By the way, one thing. I should also I could also mention there's a lot of people who educators are finding that the love of series is very useful for their students. Business people use it for their employees parents and grandparents use it young people use it with their friends and so on. And the the two seasons breath security sort of a fearful them. The first season the title of it is from first date to mandate and the second season title is a crisis not to waste. So as I said, it is humorous, and yet it really has a very clear message for people that they can get hold of and what they can do in their own lives. First of all understand the nature of government and liberty. But also what they can do now in overcoming these problems? They face. What what next I gather? You're continuing bees. Are there others that that you are contemplating? Well, the the part of the original thought was if we can build sort of a fan base for this. We could pursue it perhaps having a regular program on on TV or net flicks. Or whatever. Another part of it would be to develop a series of graphic novels using the Gulf character. There's just many things you can do in the popular culture, and to make it more acceptable and appealing for different kinds of markets and audiences. And so they they find that the ideas of liberty are really enjoyable and meaningful, and so we're very grateful to Jim. Jim for expressing interest in this. And we hope that your your listeners will find it a value as well. Well, I would certainly think so in particular. Those who are are young I suppose would automatically have some interest in the the newer approaches that you offer perhaps those of us who are older might point others to this. I would I be able to assume that all of the details about the love gove and the.

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