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Hello and welcome to powerhouse politics. I'm ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. For joined now by Barbara Comstock, former congresswoman from the great state of Jinya and somebody who's had a lot of experience in dealing with congressional investigations. Because you were also a staff on the government reform committee pass, right? To be with you today. Barr. Thank you for joining us. I wanted. We wanted to bring you on get your your take on first of all what's going on now with the the government shutdown government employees federal employees now facing another pay period of without pay. And you your district, of course, has one chock full of federal employees. That isn't actually I still stand as one of the few people in the distant who didn't vote for a government shutdown. That was something we had worked hard not to have. I think you've seen. I usually don't agree that often with the Washington Post editorial board, but they have been talking about what would be the natural so to compromise. And it's taking something like what the president has talked about already but sitting down when the ANSI Pelosi and everybody else and coming and getting a resolution and the real problem. We're facing right now as both you have fewer folks in the middle and how and you have people on both extremes. Gotta driving this debate. A lot. Who would rather have an issue than a solution? So it's very much sort of this war of the roses between mom and dad here and the kids are really suffering. And it's not just the federal employees is the federal contractors all around the country. And it's important for people to understand something. I always make sure people understand is that their federal employees all over the country, the vast Washington, they're all over the all over the country in Florida in Alabama, lots and California and government contractors and government contractors don't get paid back. And I remember with the two thousand thirteen a shutdown. I was in the state house, then and that was what look twenty days or so so much shorter than this one has been and there were people then who said, you know, I had to shut my small business down ride to let people go. But even the big guys are having trouble. You know, Delta Airlines twenty five million dollars a week. It's costing I know. My hairdresser has said. Fewer people are coming in restaurants throughout certainly throughout our area. So this is an economic problem now, and for this White House that has been focusing on the economy, certainly something I think is important we need to get people back to work, and we need and Nancy Pelosi needs to come to the table too. Because a lot of these folks who went in. There said I'm going to work across the aisle, I'm going to get solutions. And if they're serious when you have Newt Gingrich and Donald Graham of the Washington Post writing up Ed on what the solution is. And we've actually in congress. We've last summer we've voted on that, you know, the DACA solutions the idea of giving a path to citizenship and to have yet to we actually I think it was more than the it was even more dreamers. The president is talking about in the president said he would support that Bill last summer, and you know, last summer, the Democrats didn't wanna even look at it because they wound up the issue. We're going into a campaign. We. Can't be doing this. You know, we want to issue instead of a solution for two years that will be disastrous not just for the federal employees. But for the entire economy for our defense infrastructure for our technology, healthcare, and every all the areas impacted which, but you made it you made a very good point, which is particularly with Republicans House Republicans the middle is kind of kind of gone away,.

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