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And forty thousand of them. Go over the hawk run around and you're you're you're not even hungary soak disrespect talking to by. Can't get eight eleven. Twelve o'clock sounds like me carried over to the evening widow she scrapes dr dre. Hearts up dr dre. Unfortunately he suffered a brain aneurysm. He he actually suffered it on monday and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. He remains in icu. I think i think later reports. I've seen now that he's been coming out of the icu. Doctors are trying to determine what is causing the bleeding however he is in stable condition. He is lucid. He sent a message out last night thing. He's doing well and thanks everyone for their prayers and well wishes however his home was being cased at the same time by would be burglars. Yup allegedly some criminals got wind. Of course how. How would they know that he was in the hospital. Due to a brain aneurysm and sources say four men were andrei pacific palisades property around two. Am this morning. Ted security spotted them. They were case in the house before they can get to. The main structure security confronted them call. Police fled but cops arrived almost immediately and chased the four whitby. Burglars caught them and and arrested them. So you know there are law enforcement of saying they believe. They thought he was in the hospital and saw an area of opportunity and seized it. I would i would say. Cj at this probably some food insecurity with those four guy now now right well well well i was gonna come up well. Well wishes to dr dre and we know what this real the real deal is that frequent wife of his has drove him where he had to ask the bleeding. So not only do. She's not satisfied with the three hundred million. You figured if he just dropped dead should just. Hey dr dre man. Don't let this woman stress you out like this will gave her what she wants. I think you'd better give wish you want to give you spell out. You did it. You know reason you shape of his life you just when you in in housing hurt when you fall do bro divine intervention. Just the woman exit one hundred million and get out of there man. You're gonna drop. That bro happens. Yeah keep trying to fight. These women can't ios drain. Dr dre doctors rate. Let me tell you something. You lost bro. I want you to be healthy. I wanted to be alive. We need but these these women may come on. He's remember what happened. This fall out habit. She embezzled the money from the back. Right listen.

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