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Is where I I'm I can't tell you. Nobody knows knows. Now. Let me ask this question. We know it's fifty one forty nine right now, we know that forty eight of those Democrats under no circumstances are going to vote. Yes. So that leaves a mansion, right? Mansion was a maybe swing over to the Republican side. Latest information is is that he made decide to stay with his Democrats. And that you have then you have three Republicans flake Rakowski Collins. Who could vote no may vote. Yes. As charity mentioned earlier it could come down to the vice president. But it won't come down to the vice president because it can't be fifty fifty. No cannot because one person is not going to be there. And that is Republican Steve Daines of Montana. He's going out of town to his daughter's wedding. Now, let me really put you on the spot your Senator in the United States Senate because that's the only way you can be a Senator and your daughter's getting married tomorrow. That's obviously been planned for a long long time. And there's a vote for the supreme court for the next Justice of the United States Supreme court. Go to your daughter's wedding. Are you gonna stay vote? I'm gonna stay in vote. My job is doing. I dunno family. I for me. In most jobs. Yes. Elected there. We're talking about elected efficient. It's not like this is, you know, a golden move. It's not like this story is not without controversy. And that it isn't going to be close. What I would do. I'd go around to all of my Republican Senator friends, and I would call my daughter and say, here's what we're gonna do. I know that this is the day, this you planned it everything, you know. But we're gonna throw you a wedding. Like, you ain't never seen. I like that. Around saying if you want me to stay here and vote, and I would like to show me the mug again. So my daughter can have a destination wedding. All the destination to ease. I like the people that are going to be invited and tell my God, this is going to be like no way, this is going to be better than if I was. What's the Meghan Markle people? It's going to be bigger than that. I like that. But in all seriousness, I'm with you. I know it's my daughter back again. Doing the news or you're doing a radio show at W O A I, your a United States Senator and your vote matters matters. Now, he was a democrat. Yeah. I'd say. They're going to vote. No anyway, go to the wedding. They're gonna vote. No. Anyway. So we wouldn't wouldn't matter if he's gone. An interesting idea. Yeah. That's a great idea you guys kicking and you to flake, y'all. Because you're not running for re now to Jim Foreside commentary coming up at seven ten..

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