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Go get it's not actually it's not actually. Slogan. I get them. Go get it just do it. That's good with a Swoosh Swoosh pay attention to that. Congratulations. Justin were very proud of you. He Bill I'm gonna miss the crosstalk, buddy. As are. We gonna come back. Talk. We'll come across. That is true. Who better to do this the new you're so equipped for this? I am excited. It's big shoes to fill man. Yeah. Great job. I know this is one of the great joys of my day is senior will you do. Listen, I get to go back to listening. You know when I was at night. Yeah. I would always drive my work. And then I would get the Bill and Wendy Shaw. Milt was a master of the long interview, you know, an interview could go for an hour and a half or two hours. Will you do that? Well, it's a different time now so instead of one or two were doing four to five hours. Oh, I tell you a very quick story breaks. So it doesn't take time away. But it does involve Bill Bill, and I along with Patti Vasquez appeared with Milt Rosenberg wants to talk about stand up comedy. And it's only milk can do after an hour's discussion. He went to a break and said without any word whatsoever. And when we come back improvisation. And we came back and into break. I said we're not gonna improv milk's not gonna happen. We're not gonna improve we come back from the break. And he said cafe Paris. Yeah. So remember his reference to the young comedians? Yes. Does he goes with your younger comedians? Your Ellen king? Yeah. Crosby. Yeah. We are going to ask you about the way one last thing to wear super thick glasses that are way too big for your head. I'm working at I'm going to Worby Parker today. Really.

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