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Connected. Stay informed. Komo news. Good afternoon. It's four oh. To sunshine with forty five degrees in Seattle. I'm Elisa Jaffe with Tom glasco. Here are the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Microsoft hosted a visit by the first lady today. Komo's Charlie Harker joins us from red bend with more on this Charlie. This was a brief visit. It's three states swing ABC news as balodia trope highlights. The work of her be best initiative to promote online safety for children among other things. Microsoft employees showed her the parental controls. Teachers that come with windows and XBox is saying it's important that parents know, about them in the first place and that they're easy to use the visit to Microsoft clocking adult little more than an hour. She headed back to Boeing field. She will be off to Las Vegas for another part of this tour reporting live from Redmond Charlie harder. Komo news. Some of the Republican hosts on ABC show the view challenged democratic presidential hopeful and Washington governor Jay Inslee today. He's talked about his campaign central focus on climate change. Megan McCain says the issue for her doesn't make her top thirty and she really doesn't embrace the new green deal a lot of environmentalists. Don't want the walk. They just talk the talk, and then they want the average Americans spend six hundred thousand. Dollars and their household. And none of that wasn't really true. That's what's proposed on the new green deal. Not what is proposed get this straight. That is not proposing. Prayed.

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