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Twenty third nineteen forty-three Orson Welles starring in and you heard the announcer talk about the fact that Orson Welles was going to be on the next four episodes. So this particular episode three more episodes, and they talked about the law special being next week and I believe the next two weeks off the top of my head was the Lhasa Rhys affect. And then also the hitchhiker, which was a very famous story by by lucielle Fletcher. And she also wrote sorry wrong number and Orson Welles appeared on suspense, many, many times with this was a four week in a row engagements he must have had, you know, some time on his hands. Maybe he was not doing a play because he was doing a lot of plays at this time. And also. Movies. He had already produced citizen Kane he, so he's very busy making movies. He was doing his Broadway and of course, appearing on radio, and he enjoyed being on suspense, and Bernard Hermann did the music on this program, and Bernard Hermann was married to Lucille Fletcher. They were they were husband and wife also Keenan Wynn on this particular broadcast in the announcer. The man in black Joseph Curran's. He was Mr. Wilson on Dennis the menace, there was to Mr. Wilson's. Gale, Gordon, of course, was, you know, seal balls foil for years, and Joseph currents, the man in black on this particular episode quick break, then it's more on the WGN radio theater..

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