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On nine first warning. Meteorologist Austin Winfield News Radio 700 w well, w It is 73 degrees of right now. No arrests have been made after a shooting early this morning in the West end since in a police say a person shot along Dudley walk This happened around for this morning. The extent of the victim's injuries are unknown to fishermen have been reported missing after a speed boat collided with their pontoon boat on the Ohio River last night In Ripley. A search is underway for Stacy Harper and Darryl Kilgore. Meanwhile, one person who was on the speedboat was flown to the hospital. No word on their condition. City of Franklin says it is experiencing telephone issues Today, they say, 9 11 still working, but only for emergencies on Ly for all other instances where you need police assistance, you are asked to call Warren County Communications at 9374 to 5 25 25. Tributes continue to pour in for actor at Chadwick Boseman, whose death from colon cancer this week at the age of 43, is sparking a conversation about a deadly disease that disproportionately effects. Black men. There may be some buyout biological factors. Dr. Timothy Cannon is an oncologist that knows these statistics. Well, I think there's just so much information that we need to get out there to really Help you help avoid the situation. We saw the channel Bozeman Doctor, Cannon says that starts with paying attention to symptoms, including changing bowel habits, bleeding, abdominal pain and unintended weight loss. These signs are important because younger patients with colorectal cancer tend to be diagnosed at a more advanced stage at his A. B C's Alex for Shay In a major league baseball. Today's game between the A's and Astros has now been postponed. It's being reported that a player for the Athletics has tested positive for Cove in 19, the Reds. Meanwhile, going for a serious win over the Cubs this afternoon, a great American ballpark Luis Castillo gets the start for Cincinnati. Our pregame coverage gets underway at 12 05 hour. Next update at 12 o'clock. Rick, you Che. No news radio 700. Definitely well, caverns.

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