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More scoreless After that, Every time like three runs six innings. It was just it was crazy. Now, as you look at, like the twins line up a couple things stand out to me. Number one. Byron Buxton looks way more comfortable now Looks like he's finding his groove. That's good, but a little concerned that they scored runs in Pittsburgh, and they scored runs in Kansas City the first couple of days. But like Mitch Garver doesn't look like himself and Miguel. So no. Does it look like itself? Have you noticed anything? Oh, yeah, looking at those two, especially at with the carvers. So 100 hitter right now. Ah, Miguel to no, I think things close hovering around 120 I think for batting average. Yeah, both their O ps are really low. And just really struggling began on base, you know, has a homerun Occasionally, I think Carver has one this year, but just getting on base at all is struggling for them right now. But in terms of garbage to it defensively, he left a little bit shakier than he has when he when he was a guest proclaimed to figure it out, mostly last year to become a much better defensive catcher, which definitely was last year. But if you look at some of the I think it was the Sean pop in to winning it the other night where there were out of his 51 pitches. There were at least five or six in the dirt that Just got by and gave a free base to some of the other some of the other base runners for Kansas City, but it's just little things like that, that they're going to prevent a lot of these deficits from continuing to continuing to increase. Just kind of get get away from the twins, especially when they have been like you said. They have been ah, scoring runs, but sometimes they have been getting enough run support in some games more hot and cold. Where We'll have a game with the explode for 10 rounds, like besides season, and then they'll struggle for one or two the next night, and sometimes the starting pitching when Rios isn't on, and sometimes he gives up three runs and like the Kenta Maeda start the other day You gave a three run homer. That was enough to lose the game after the bullpen. Billy shut it down after that, too. Yeah, And then the other night to a key member of his Friday or Saturday, when Europe he come back, You take the lead for two and then give up a six run fourth and and that was just brutal. Drew good to catch up. Let's do it again. 12 30 So 45 minutes from now, and people could watch on our WCC all radio Facebook page and on our Twitter and we will blow it out. We've got more stuff to talk about. Appreciate the time Drew Awesome. Thanks so much for having me and Cory He's on the CenterPoint Energy Home Service plus hotline. Not panicking. But it is a little bit of a four game stretch, but I'm a little worried. Things well, then. This team's too good they'll figure it out. It was just that you wanted that. You know, they start off 10 into best start in franchise history. He just wanted them to roll. That was it. I just want him to roll. I don't want any bumps in the road just want him to roll through the year. Right. It's 11 45. Man. That was something the hail last night. And I was laying there thinking, man, I might have to call Lindus construction because This roof. I don't know the damage here. Well, you can give Lindus construction to call for a free roof. Estimate. That's your linens. Construction time. 11 45. Right up next. What's the most searched beer in Minnesota? I give you Google Beer in Minnesota. What comes up the most for Minnesotans? That might surprise you. Wisconsin's won't surprise you That's coming up next..

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