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So yeah, I just don't get him. I just don't get it. Liverpool should be trying to win everything. I think the fans were so no we want to have leagues different, blah, blah, blah. I think that level if you're if you're a player playing for those teams you want to win games, and you want to win trophies want to get them in trophy cabinet have a winning mentality and that kind of brings club to give the team to give in woods kind of fight the challenge yet to come. I just don't understand it. I just don't get it the money law. Don't get me wrong on that stuff. But for my basic thinking winning games makes a club more. Mesa more appealing. Right. You have people saying that? No, you should win Lynch. But I just don't understand. I just don't get it. I don't get. It does really actually a good debate about it's actually a minute ago on BT sport talking about it. And I didn't I it's just something that doesn't really make sense to me. But let me play this non I'll just see away say quickly here, Jim in Genesis. And a few of people speaking on BT sport about it get up on their plate this batboys. What do we think finished fall away? The FA Cup of. Fortunately, I didn't do either. But that stop with you rate. You cup. When you lost your fifty when it sixteen years later so FA Cup of Champions League. Well, the women's COPA thank now. Champions league. I would go Champions League events football as a low key badly fund. I cope would you? Absolutely. Yeah. Thumbs that's my club as well. Once why would you why would because we tried you really workout for one of the things you might be which toll funding cope, but the monetary aspects of winning the FA coping comparisons getting yourself into the jump is league is talking cheese that would huge impacts criminal Burnley. So I know that you say the squad and so on and so forth. But again, the Trump is league thing the money. Okay. Juniors makes a good point. Maybe the money is you get more money for winning took for for circle finishing. Imagine me saying winning talk for for finishing in four and a low prestige comes from the European sides and stuff and European sponsors world, sponsors, whatever may be. But as we've seen with Rangers and Celtic they're in Champions League every single season, right? And maybe kill Monika Haas. My finish the top to not out of it. Whatever may be. But who cares? So it going champ is it's just it's just a blip the beat it. Right. This argument that makes you attract better players also. John agree. So can Rangers example, they play in essentially a two team league right for the most part. Maybe some occasion some seasons if kill Monica Hoskin keep on to replace it can be a free team league. But you know, essentially is flat track. Bullying for them. They don't attract the best place such just signed Josiah's son from Pierce Jian loan right for the half of the season. They don't attract the the players all the clubs are off the track plays kind of on their Wayne maybe need to recover their of rebuild the reputation or young players like Timothy way needs to kind of boot of ever a petition for himself and guessing games under his belt. But the best talent going to play for Rangers. Also, take for that regard because they win the Champions League. But what actually gets Rangers Celtics excited is the fact that they win the leagues they might win the Scottish Cup. So I understand if your belly while you'd wanna finish full why. So you just go to the champions. He can get spanked by some John by some fire by team. You never knew existed doesn't make any sense. And again, it just goes to show..

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