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Quarterbacks that have worst decision making are probably going to throw some Some costs interceptions especially with minka all over the field a little bit more in teams can't just sit back and assume he's going to be covered that deep third or wherever he traditionally is he's going to be all over the field now Derek carr once again is a tier below josh allen but still a good quarterback. I don't necessarily assume he's going to be making any of those mistakes. But the likelihood of it happening is a lot higher than it was a week ago in buffalo We also saw. Joe haden cam sutton james. Peer put together really nice games for themselves against the bills. Cam sutton specifically who Was the target. The obvious game plan target for the buffalo bills. I kind of anticipate that continuing until cams sutton strings a couple more of the games that he put together against the bills on tape. What sutton did against buffalo. If he can do that against the raiders again all sudden teams are going to start scrambling and we cannot target that sutton guy because he was great on that game. All over the field knock passes down making tackles for loss sutton was that dude and if he can do it again teams are going to try to start avoiding cam instead of throwing the ball in his direction. One last thing defensively that we should bring up. This also should be the steelers debut for a killa witherspoon who was a healthy scratch after his trade from the seattle seahawks The the big corner don't really anticipate Him getting into the starting lineup but proving some pretty good death there at the corner spot. Of course we didn't see justin lane play at all I got a feeling he may kind of take over that roster spot from lane Perhaps a lane could find himself on the steelers practice squad. Perhaps you might find himself out of the nfl but That's one name to watch out for entering the steelers lineup. Another name is former oakland. Raider carl joseph Of course joseph was the first round. Pick of the raiders have believe us twenty eighteen when they made the pick for him Then going to cleveland a year ago. He's been a very good safety option that he will.

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