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The garbage game beneath pickup game it gave there may be not aware of the game they definitely win altogether the with garbage gave go fill in order to make the opioid well i'll tell you what if they don't play their best game on monday night they are going to be made to look like garbage by the kansas city chiefs who just seemed to be doing everything right justed off weapons ali off at subsided the ball i thought it was a funny comparison that i heard in week lawn when the patriots were playing in the chiefs said no athletes wants to be another athlete in his own sport more than travis kelsea wants to be grog you see a you see see a little too rock 20 outta travis kelsea but you're also see in that making that comparison because number 87 is finding the end zone for the kansas city chiefs and things looked to be working out all come to a crashing halt but very few can plates about the chiefs through three weeks of football hey if you i'm not here if you bad but he is a cleaver high guy i live he got that the ohio why he liked the dog i would drive it healthy ever get that very but the p r really really play good football after gallo idle weapon low off upi appeared appeared by hugh definitely style great coaching have you read it i've just got to be kind of general basic of out of my elaborate too much but yeah i expect big thing for sure are i we got another one star game this weekend at the dangles in the browns unusually i got my brown's gala highlighted i'm lay out like you of brown's fan but i just can't get up for the all that orange that we're gonna see between the bungles and the browns bungle grad i mean we go void bongo wider we've gone wiped the bangok care i ed powell emily lau if you like the bag of but i'll tell you what uh easily be met there either first with of the year award by local kid love them lava brown jared phillips calling the browns first win right here on sports overnight america jeff rituals you right back after the after the.

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