Ricky Fowler, MVP, NFL discussed on Arizona's Morning News


KTAR news time is five twenty six. Now a guy who. Watches the Super Bowl for the commercials. It's Paul Calvi see at the desert Ford dealers sports desk, wasn't close the NFL. One hundred commercial was the best buy. Yes. It are you saying you call them. I did just minutes ago. Okay. All right. All right. I thought like on Friday called Marshall. Okay. Otherwise would have bet on that, you know, on the other things by the way, how could the MVP not come from the defense when you hold grants to three points. Join element was very productive use the best offensive player out there. But the MVP has to cover the patriots defense. I think it was the NFL just trying to ring anything offensive out of this GAM turns out. Yeah. It could be turns out Tom Brady was right? We know the chant beforehand and so patriots win again, thirteen three. They're six under Brady check. And man after the game McVeigh, Sean McVay talking about how he got out coached. It certainly looked like that. And it looked like Jared Goff looked like deer in the headlights for quite a bit of that. Didn't know what he was seen in terms of some of those schemes was being thrown out by coach Belichick. So yes, you're going to get another patriots parade. It'll probably be tomorrow. And yes, Ricky Fowler is your champion that bizarre triple bogey on number eleven and he still comes back and rebounds. And that is his fifth tour win, and is a guy who has competed so many years and been so instrumental motto as with the Thunderbirds it was good to see Ricky Fowler. TPC and that a sports San KTAR news buying.

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