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At the same time. College athletes were gaining a new type of leverage. The growing doing voice of athletes through social media was giving them a voice that they really had never had before and more athletes started speaking out not just about wanting money but needing it for instance. Kansas is Ben mclemore talked about an impoverished childhood where his mother sometimes had to sell food stamps to pay bills and you know Kansas is one of the most storied and richest college basketball programs in the country the University of Connecticut garbage as Napier said even amid the media glare of the final four twenty fourteen that he sometimes sometimes went to bed hungry because of NC rules restricting how many meals schools could give athletes. I was like I said this hungry nights. I'm able to eat and I still got to play tomorrow mark capabilities and sometimes it's that way it really was striking and I think his message so resonated because it was amid the setting that remember is earning the NCAA apparatus itself almost two billion dollars. People were really were very outraged. I mean race must also play a role in this because many top players in the air black including I think every player that we've talked about so far and they're often playing at majority white universities so it's their labor really that's earning all the money that they're not getting a Sharon Orrin. Yes it's true that at high profile at like departments generally football and men's basketball teams generate most of the revenue and those teams in many cases are predominantly African American so there is this notion that african-american athletes are helping earn this revenue to essentially support support the rest of the athletic department and yet not being able to share in any significant portion of that revenue themselves and how is the incidentally responding during in this period when athletes were speaking out well you know they really did respond in cases where there was a public outcry so for instance when when Napier talked what about going to bed hungry dancy very quickly changed its rules and allowed US schools to offer unlimited meals for athletes which in hindsight is sort of a no brainer as incidents like Napier's got attention. The outcry wasn't just a one off. Public sentiment was actually changing in two thousand thirteen seventy one percent of people agreed that a scholarship was compensation enough within just four years that number dropped by ten percentage points but that does mean that sixty percent of people still support the NC double A.'s position and among its supporters are some former players. I I feel like I have a little credibility knowledge about this because when I was at the when I was at the University of Florida I think my Jersey was one of the top selling jerseys around the world last week league former quarterback. Tim Tebow went on ESPN one of the most prominent broadcasters of college football in made an impassioned case against California's new law and yes. I know we live in a selfish culture where it's all about us but we're just adding and piling it onto that we're changes what's special about college football fan we turned it into the NFL advocates for keeping things the same like Tim tebow argue that money would skew recruitment high school recruits would just go or they could make the most money but the woman who co-authored California's bill was listening to a different argument Nancy skinner as Berkeley Democrat and she was inspired by hearing a speech she heard a few years ago by sports economist Andy Schwartz who has been pretty active in criticizing. NCAA and its rules curbing athlete compensation station. I think she just saw a chance to change something. You know when this bill was first introduced. It had some opposition. There were some people who who voted against it. It's it's been modified slightly since its introduction but the interesting thing is that as the NCAA has pushed back more and more lawmakers have voted in favor of this bill so oh in fact it's possible that the NCAA pushed back galvanized California legislators and prompted them to vote it through unanimously which they did and and how is the NC Double A. responded pretty forcefully. It sent a letter to California Governor Gavin newsom calling the bill unconstitutional. It's basically said you no hey we're working on this issue and we should have a chance to find some workable way to allow athletes to somehow benefit from their name image and likeness us and I think that legislators just said you know. Essentially we don't trust you and we're not. GonNa wait so here's our move in its letter the NC Double A. urged the state to reconsider the bill the NCAA also reaffirmed its long standing position that athletes are students not not employees.

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