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Sciences that we observed as we flip resources into our Flipboard magazine over the past two weeks in this episode. We have fortunes that we will share along with a recommended reading that we suggest for each of these Trends. We in the episode by peering into the crystal ball and making predictions about the trans We Believe will observe in the upcoming two weeks off hobby start us off by talking about our fortunes and sharing our recommended readings. Thank you Tim. Yes. Well, first of all just to reiterate for everybody we are following what we do in our Flipboard magazine is we flip articles that we think are of interest in regarding educational technology instructional design learning sciences, and this is Joe. The point in the two weeks cycle where we look at all of those and we kind of count them up and we do we figure out how many fit into specific topic areas. And those we decide those are the top four Trends in this past two weeks cycle. We saw two items Trend number one and number two with a lot of articles that we flipped. So, you know ten or more articles in that area wage Trends 3 and 4. We only saw three or four articles, but they were more articles than anything and than any other topic that we had seen. So our number one kind of what they used to say about the Billboard charts number one with a bullet teaching and learning online. Now in the past few weeks past few episodes. We've occasionally divided up into teaching online and learning online. But in the past two weeks, the two topics really blended into this once again into teaching and learning online. They're worth For things like course design strategies which are specifically teaching online but there was also things like peer-to-peer online learning the blockchain approach to learning which is about learning online there was but so we saw a number of these different things we put them together though because there was the the the trending topic is all about how to log in teach online class size of online college courses was an interesting result. It's a limited study but the study reveals that the best size for an online college courses twelve participants or fewer..

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