York Times, CNN, Obama Administration discussed on Sunday Morning Newsmakers


Three o'clock in the afternoon for your listeners you can get the new his i see it uh and if you've missed that you can just go to my facebook page and look at it it things up there forever but you know conveniently post or up well it's nice it there are second logical advances to where we can have these alternatives that it's not just a limited resources in his you don't happen to believe with the parent company his lead on that you're not forced to stay there dick morris new york times best selling author noted political commentator thank you so much for being with us thank you larry teammate seventy the answer what's news breaking house intelligence committee member adam sit here on cnn's state of the union and says the obama administration made a serious mistake for not taking action against russia after learning at election meddling bonuses should have the clear that not only was less intervening but it was big directed at the highest levels of the kremlin says the obama administration needed to call out russia's sooner any to deter and punish russia california democrat also says former president obama reacted slowly because he rate about being perceived as trying to tip the presidential election in favor of hillary clinton and police are investigating inside since into northern california islamic centers as possible he crimes in sacramento police say a burn koran filled with bacon was found hanging by a cop from events outside a mosque yesterday then a few miles west in davis several pages of the koran found outside of a sometime southland letter already seventy degrees in guarding of sunshine and high eighty three x active 85 tomorrow by wednesday a drop of ten degrees and jamie rome air air meet seventy the answer attention this is an investor notice are you interested in making some extra cash buying real estate.

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