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Fucking this. John Ritter Harry Anderson. Bird. Baby who is it? was maybe. The fifties better than the eighties because that's the two different time period you get like two versions of the same movie I, love the original dawn of the dead with my first film acting teacher in it and. We, know very exciting. He gets killed in the first couple of scenes. Not GonNa Watch it now. Yeah. Nice Job Jim. Complain Living. But then. One of my least favorite director Zack Snyder did a version in the two thousands written by. What's his name Guardians of the Galaxy Guy? James Jamestown. James. Gone and fucking. Love that contain. James, Glen. Danish I think he's. I haven't collections. I'd love both versions of that movie and they're very very different. They both just take place in a ball. So you could like two versions of a movie and not like you don't have to be like Dushi. Without the original one with so much better. I mean there are cases where The Danish, one with so much better you just have to watch. That is. Awesome. Thing though, right like not to get into like the world we live in right now or so I should say the specific country it's yes or no it's this is better than that. It's all of this competitive nature of how dare you like both things that would make you sort of a real person you treat her. How do you like that would make you have. What I like is correct. What you like it wrong. Now, there are some movies like the remake of Fright night that I did not love. Because it was more like disturbing each Friday night rather arena. Night with. Colin Farrell. Colorado plays the Chris Serandon par. Okay. I'll speak slower. BLOM. It's less funny. And I mean I it just didn't do it for me and Evil Ed, it's hard to find a new. evil. Ed. The original good but it happens. Like Adam into like going like fuck you, you can't like the new one. We're talking about today, and so we're going to go warriors seeing. How did I was thoughts on the? Because I think that was such a cool seen. What scene were they were. Thank you Laura I'm like cory. Cory. Cory he's talking about. Thank you, Laura. Right here in my mouth she took it and she said it right. RPG rating. was. PG. True I'd love the core the quarry seen. About where swimming. A-. In loose, tidy Whitey. Up with them. Fit. I. Young people in tight tighty whiteys I i. think they were like Lucia children. How do we de sexualize this scene? We have to shoot it. No one's happy about it. We gotta do it in the most is about to see I don't WanNa see kids wearing any underwear, but that's not how. You can reach him at Patrick Kane G. It was off. I think it's weird to watch. Because you're you're you're embarrassed for all of them because they're popping looks at beaver. All just everyone's gone through that awkward part life. Well she showed them all up by running past them in. Live. Happened She's way more manly than any view I actually had I was in college and and at APP state and and there was a day old damaged like one hundred year old dam and there was this rock formation off the top and it was about twenty five foot jump. And you had to jump out far enough to get past the rocks and hit the water you know and and it was super dangerous really when you think about. So I was up there want. To Jump is about twenty five feet and I'm looking down at this and I'm like I'm just saying I don't think I've got I don't have the nerve to do it and there was this two girls that were there and they just went by me like I was standing still why Ham and then the next one went wham and I was like Oh my God. So they landed on the rocks no. Landed and he was like I'm not doing. I'M GONNA do. This is not midsummer for me, baby. May. Take three times. Two Times. Wanted. Buy Me Steve by that much. But then at that point I was like, I, have to jump or I'm just you know a wimp and so of course, screams like a little girl going all the way down but. You know I take away from the job really hold that they had that scene and then they they tie back into the whole like. Gathering themselves together and the kiss and all that that comes out of it. You know which is really neat. So. When you bought by the way just to just back you up when you take all of the cynicism that we all have about everything you've been talking about You're right. It's a great scene and it's actually an important scene. There's something about them being being very exposed two hundred other set as a metaphor. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's a medicine still even though they're. The fact they're literally exposed I. Think is part of the message there that like and then they absolute shelters and. They embrace each other and don't judge each other Yeah Lake Lake half-naked Little Dude there's jazz shoulders and legs. It's all good. We're just playing chicken in the water so. Sh- injury, Greg, all's fair with chicken. In the water. I almost drowned several times in the water I never wanted to be on top. So. That about you..

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