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Says housekeeping isn't a real job. A political party in india has a proposal that could change that step one recognize that housework has value the best reason to appreciate the value of such focus to put a price on it a salary for cooking cleaning and taking care of the kids. That's coming up here on the world. I'm marco werman you're with the world. We're co-production of gbh boston npr x. Less than six months until the tokyo olympics with a lot of unknowns this week though international olympic committee president thomas bach did make one thing clear. We are not as speculating of of the games. I'll taking place. We are working on. How the games will take place in other words how to keep people safe from the corona virus the is encouraging all participating nations to vaccinate their athletes that's raising logistical and ethical questions. Though even from the athletes. Here's the world's bianca hillier rumors have been flying about if how and when olympic athletes will receive the covid nineteen vaccine. The controversy started one some suggested that athletes would get priority access. Ioc president bach says. That's not happening. Those no blueprint for this. We are learning every day but we are not in favor of athletes. Trumping cube president bach emphasized that once healthcare professionals and vulnerable groups are taken care of then. Athletes should be offered the shots. Many athletes agree with this dance even though a jeopardizes their chance of competing three time. Paralympian neil he from the uk says he sees both sides of the coin. Certainly you know you start to ask those questions of well if it was between yourself an elderly relative than who would you rather guessed. The vaccine is quite a difficult one to answer difficult. He explained because people devote years of their lives to the games and for some tokyo. Twenty twenty one chance to represent their country on the international stage but then his mind goes to friends and family. You know i'd much rather see my parents before we because i'm about the potential health risks for them as far as when athletes will be offered the vaccine. Ioc president thomas bach has asked the two hundred six national olympic committees to lead. Their own. Charge is up to each government to decides about the vaccination about excess to vaccination in their respective countries. Israel's olympic committee says it has already inoculated half of its athletes while denmark and hungary say their delegations will get vaccinated in a couple of months and in belgium. The country's olympic committee has already asked its government to pledge five hundred vaccines for olympians and staff. Johan bellman chief. Physician of the committee told local media. He doesn't see this. As asking for preferential treatment. Group news amid is sort of moving. He says the intention is not to preempt healthcare workers and vulnerable groups but we do want to protect our athletes. Obviously we don't want our athletes to be at a competitive disadvantage. Meanwhile other countries haven't even started administering the vaccine to essential workers or vulnerable groups including the host country japan itself medical workers. There are scheduled to get their first shots. At the end of february in the us the cdc considers more than sixty percent of americans to be essential workers or otherwise vulnerable to the virus meaning. Healthy olympic athletes have a long time to wait until it's their turn. Will it will happen in time. For the games vivian. Reef berg spent more than thirty years figuring out operational challenges like this in the healthcare industry says it's possible. The number of athletes coming from any one country is on the one hand a small number relative to the number of vaccines that could be going on a few hundred athletes. She says isn't a lot compared to a country of millions but on the other hand the distribution and availability of vaccines is very uneven around the world and even within the wealthiest countries is not widespread referred added that unless more vaccines are widely approved and available adhering. To the time line will be a challenge. British paralympian neil fi. He says to him the time line doesn't sound feasible. When you consider harmony of the population would be ahead of me in reality. If the point i would be offered vaccine is so far down the line and it'd be long.

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