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The time is eight thirty live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. President Donald Trump's informal adviser. Roger stone is due back in federal court today as NPR's Ryan. Lucas reports stones appearance comes in the wake of a controversial social media post. Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered stone to appear in federal court here in Washington DC in light of a photo that stone posted to his Instagram account this week. The photo is Jackson. It includes a symbol that some say looks like crosshairs at Thursday's hearing son will have to explain why the limited gag order in the conditions of stones. Release should not be modified a revoked in light of the Instagram posts. That's Ryan Lucas reporting. The Vatican is launching a historic summit on clerical sex abuse. In the Roman Catholic church as Christopher live say reports from Rome, the pope continues to grapple with the fallout of allegations over the past year. Organizers say the goal is to get bishops on the same page when it comes to addressing the problem. Many survey. Drivers of abuse have come to Rome demanding more consequences for predator priests and bishops especially in parts of the world like Asia sub Saharan Africa and Latin America that have yet to fully address the problem for NPR news. I'm Christopher lives say in Rome. An investigation is underway into a deadly incident involving Syracuse university's basketball coach Jim boeheim police report behind struck and killed a pedestrian on the interstate highway last night, they say it was an accident. He was not speeding. This is NPR news from D news in San Francisco, I'm Brian watt. President Trump's national emergency declaration to help pay for a border wall could take millions of dollars away from the military construction project in the central valley. He weedays Tara Siler reports. Congress has already appropriated nearly eighteen million dollars to reconfigure security gates at a defense, logistics depot in Tracy. It's among the three point six billion dollars in military construction projects. The administration is aiming to axe nationally democratic congressman Josh harder represents the area and calls the emergency declaration unconstitutional. And it's also terrible just in terms of policy taking money from efforts to combat drug trafficking from efforts that still military construction projects like the train depot does not make our country safer. It does the exact opposite. The emergency declaration is facing multiple lawsuits. A spokeswoman for the Tracy military depot says the project is currently in the design phase and moving forward unless it's halted by the White House. I'm Tara Siler news. San francisco. Bike advocates are calling for two thousand more bike racks to be placed on city streets. Supervisor Rafael mandolin says the city has reserves of racks in storage that could be put to use. Brian Weeden Meyer is executive director of the SF bicycle coalition in San Francisco because of our high rate of theft blocking things. Iraq is necessary. That's not just true for people's own personal bikes. It's true for shared scooters and ductless bike share. We have the racks. Now, it's time to install them. We didn't Meyer says more racks means more people on bikes and fewer people in congestion in cars. I'm Brian watt. Katie weedy news support comes from Yosemite. Mariposa county offering adventure and captivating views a short drive away, Yosemite dot com slash winter..

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