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Minute delay with traffic and weather together on the town's. I'm Debbie Lazaga. WTMJ Paul W. I dot com timesaver traffic. WTMJ five day forecast has been warm and humid out there. Temperatures getting close to eighty degrees. We do have a severe thunderstorm watch until ten o'clock tonight for most of southeastern Wisconsin does not include Fonda, Cheboygan counties. The brain should be here sometime after five o'clock guy. Once again could see some large hail and some gusty winds that line pushes through grains, should be out of here before midnight, then clearing windy and cooler, a low temperature around fifty mostly sunny and sixty two for Wednesday, Thursday, sixty six with a spotty shower after sunset to me, Wendy as well. Friday, partly cloudy, sixty Saturday, scattered rain showers and only fifty seven I'm meteorologist Brian with the storm team forecast. The barometric pressure is falling Lake Michigan water temperature sixty five Madison seventy four Green Bay Seventy-three Waukesha, seventy seven seventy three in Milwaukee WTMJ. Tuesday of Wisconsin's afternoon news, Scott in for John with Melissa Greg, Debbie and Nick Van wagon and producing well as Brian just told us there there is some nasty weather working its way through the area. If you haven't seen rain yet, you will soon a line of showers and heavy storms north into Brown county, all the way south through Fonda lack beaver dam a little bit west right now of accountable walk the worst of it through whitewater Janesville, and as you can tell by my comments, you're all the way down over the Illinois, Wisconsin border. What we know? Right now is that for a few more minutes about two more minutes until four fifteen a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for Fonda lack county and dodge county, but as Brian mentioned Walworth, Waukesha, ozaukee, Jefferson, Racine, Washington, Milwaukee Kenosha county's a severe thunderstorm watch until ten o'clock tonight. So there are some severe. Dear storms passing through seeing. The detection of some cloud to ground lightning strikes moving through the area pretty fast moving storm. If there is some good news. It's that these will not linger into the evening, however with this line of storms. We will see a definite cool down Melissa's. Brian just said, I mean right now, we're we're Seventy-three here in the Milwaukee area. But by tonight, a low of fifty and tomorrow, high in the low sixties, the best part is that they won't linger looking at the radar right now, lots of different colors on there. So it's really kind of unknown. What exactly Milwaukee area will get in certain particular spots? But it'll be fast that is top of mind. Certainly also top of mind that some of the developments today at the United Nations where President Trump with his second address ever to the general assembly. We have caught up with CBS major Garrett and he'll jump on board with us at four twenty one. Greg patsick jump on board with sports headlines next. And this report sponsored by our and our insurance. They are the knowledge. Broker last year. The Dow Jones industrial average was up just over twenty five percent. Everything was so good..

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