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Gimme the exact wording on this mclovin what is the percentage of acceptability of ben simmons one point performance flows off the is that like complete the process it's zero i i don't i i don't accept any of them you give them a little bit of a hall pass because this is ben simmons seven th career playoff game and he's twenty one years old no okay he's a rookie no no it's just second year and you know as a as a first year rookie no it's it's zero percent yeah mclovin k shared the front rows one yeah and then also i have a star wars one two later if lebron james foley and you can imagine who came up with this one polling he would be pre peacful each peacful leauge i've never been proud of walter payton foliage in that order wow you know fully dan you go up north i remember many many many many years ago somebody asking a question at the super bowl if you were a tree what kind of tree would you be right that sort of along the lines of what happened back in the late eighties i think when i was at the super bowl so this is foliage it's at its peak it's at its best it's never going to be better and eventually it's gonna go downhill pretty soon or pre people age means it's still on his way up past peak fully as we have seen this person's best and it's slowly going downhill you know always out explain i do i do love my fully for the people in the south can we sort of give it so are we looking post peacful each is like the beginning of november whereas right now lebron i feel like he's a little more end of october where that's where we really it's a little nest peak but it's.

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