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What's up there kiss. Army thomas zeus. Another episode of shouted out loud gas episode. One forty kiss on fridays. We're recording on wednesday. And i think. Tom is falling asleep. I'm not falling asleep. I'm rubbing my eyes because we just spent about the last forty five minutes raging against every person we know. So that's why we're pershing our souls right now for this episode and wha- what better way to do that than to talk about something elder related with the band right. Yeah i guess so because that frustrates all the kiss fans yeah. This is our way of fucking handled up frustration. Come out when you get together before we hit record it just vent about all the stupid shit we gotta deal with. Yeah because we don't have a lot of time during the week we've usually fire off texts serenade but when we log onto record like all right. Let's get on at six thirty okay. It's seven twenty five finally record. That's what happens because we just catch up on everything. It's busy running three different podcasts. Rice diana and it's a lot of fun though believe it is because we wouldn't be doing it if it was actual work right so tom we're back at it and what we always do. Is we look back on last week. Which was incredible episode because the response is through the fucking roofs and we did revenge. Most definitely yeah look. The album. reviews are always always favorites their favorites of ours and their favorites for you guys and when we do an album like revenge. Oh my god just crazy interaction and feedback and that's what it's all about so we always start with our poll so of course album review. It's always favorite songs. We pick our four favourite or the four that we think would be the best So the options were unholy. Take it off domino. And i just wanna and the interaction with this poll. I think broke all records from previous album reviews but of course fifty two percent of the voting went to unholy and then it was pretty much a three way tie give or take a percentage point here there between take it off domino and i just want you had about one or two point separating those three so they were all kind of fighting for for that the rest of but unholy was the clear. Run away with fifty two percent. The thing about this is tom. Yeah i get sometimes. We have to cut songs down and we'll be like okay. Maybe this fifth song should be in here. Yes out of these one or two of these last other songs picnic. Who had like three or four other songs in this list. Yes agreed Right because that's what made it difficult. Because we had a lot of writings. We had a lot of people commenting on carta chrome of people like that one. Then we had a lot of people. Kind of saying like your fellow grecian here george of gustavus laughing at his name pronouncing. He's he goes. Wow revenge is called a classic. Then he has like. The open is kinda surprised. Look personal favourite. Harder chrome but i picked take it off from this list. Yeah everybody really. Loving unholy gerald rosenberg. There's no right or wrong answer. Every song is great. This is a staple in my cd player in ninety three during my senior of high school. Yep true not everybody knowledge. I'm usually paul guy but unholy is just too damn good. This is great. Dr van halen. Md phd says. The domino video always cracks me up. Because it's well known that gene is a terrible driver that well though is well known pulling large pieces of furniture out of his ass also known very very well for pulling large pieces of furniture from my god asthmatic. cat says. I haven't listened to the selman a long time. But you're discourse on. It reminded me as to why i loved it so much. When it was released. The gene songs blow away. Paul's thou shall not paralyzed or so damn good as you guys said as rinse production. Make all the songs listenable. Yes they do. that's true. Pedro caros says. My favorite song is god gave rock and roll to you. Wow but he likes unholy and take it off interesting Lot people voting in with the heart of chrome or thou shalt not. I thought that was a pretty interesting to kiss army. General says i like the paul stanley bay songs. I could go the rest of my life never hearing another stupid gene simmons song a man. What the hell this is. Great to than uncle. Steve's iron maiden zone. I love that. I may have an unpopular opinion but unholy destroys the other songs here. I know it's kiss but to me too. Many of the lyrics on this album were sexually over the top. So i responded to him and said sexually over not this. Kiss not iron maiden uncle steve. Young man on it wasn't over the top. It was just right on this album. Exactly our buddy. West beach says a as ren's production is inspired arguably jeans best vocal referring to unholy yes Then will chime in here with a couple episodes specific comments which were a ton. Thank you guys for all the re tweets and the likes and stuff just great stuff. Jason kennedy listening to this all these year later. I can't help but hear them copying the sound of extreme. Wow that's that's a look. I'm going to be completely honest with you. I am not an extreme aficionado. Maybe a friend Sunny chaperone kuni can chime in on this. But i i don't hear that but jason thank you for the comment will see what if people what they think about that. Then twisted kissed her says. I wonder how long before sunny pony selects silent rage for an album review after all the mentions have gotten this episode. Post a picture of the silent rage album. Yeah we're good no now please. Don't even don't even go near that. King kusano wave your panties and the air baby. Yes kiss fan. Oh three greatest. Kiss album ever. Wow digi from tennessee. Does that will definitely have to revisit. The salva hearing the show couple takeaways. This is my jean-paul not all the political bullshit. Tweet nowadays also gimme. God gave rock and roll you over rock and roll all night. Settle down digi great episode. Tom and zeus Then we got some wonderful comments from sean geek in a fast fret podcast We're going to get to that a little bit later. In the show. But sean geek in the fast free podcasts Big fans of you guys and thank you for your comments and again we're gonna get back to you later in the show straight outta. Md saw them at the capital center in landover maryland. Just outside dc placement sixty five seventy percent full. Both three or four songs in in in the row in front of us was empty than five to six. Hot chicks came down and sat then a few minutes later. They left bang next thing. We know they were on the stage dancing when they taken off. Y ou that's a memory right there. Holy shit king kusano chime and again when you talk about loud casters being at the strip joints by ourselves. I feel attacked. There's nothing wrong with.

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