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Jealousy Cincinnati Will our former local chef be going to prison with the 11 30 report on Brian Combs breaking now that could be ruled out here by the court, ma'am. Your honor. I don't see how it could even weigh close to what is his service to this county. Living, sir. People and Pike Kelly today, speaking up on behalf of their former sheriff, Charlie Reader, he is looking at the possibility of nine years in prison for theft in office Reader is in court under extremely tight security right now, and pie. Callie is a sentencing hearing continues few moments ago, He spoke himself to the judge and the words The same that I have. But I feel regret that I have You traded just playing the trust that I had with my staff in the community. Because the damage my family's good name sheriff pleaded guilty to taking money from evidence. Envelopes that were seized and drug raids in the county allegations were that he may have used the money to gamble. But he said in court today that he used that money. Do good deeds in the community. Things like plant a tree in the name of a drug overdose victim and to help other people who were doing fundraisers in the community. The judge right now is about the hand sentencing down. We'll have it coming up in our news of new now Latest traffic and weather together from the UC help transfix Enter the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center probably offers the most innovative and advanced treatment options. Learn more and you see how dot com slash cancer. Not Ben 70 five's running an extra 15 minutes into downtown. Thanks to the two lanes being blocked off on the brand, Spence Bridge. Traffic is backed up pants. Kyle's Seth and 75 not as bad but slows into downtown. Westbound boom over on the lateral. You can expect delays. That's thanks to a work crew that hands the left lane blocked the delays coming off with 71. Shocking. Grim news radio 700 WLW Now ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw. Clearly and fresh six afternoons gonna be warm with a high of 73 clouds tonight. Love 50 showers during the day tomorrow with a high of 67 tomorrow there's a possibility of Serious storms in the tracing 63 degrees right now. High Wind watch has been issued for the northern counties across the tri state for this evening and tomorrow morning. It covers Butler, Warren Clinton, Callie's as well as Franklin Union and fake alleys and Indiana gusts up to 60 Miles an hour or possible, which to bring down trees.

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