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Resign in the next week rams receiver sammy watkins jaguars receiver alan robinson do we envision the cowboys trying to get in on the pursuit of either of those to pay let go they're going to have to do that because you know you're not going to have a receiver come that especially where they drafted in set the world on fire but you're number one guy and they already know what terrance williams says he's not a number one guy so i don't think there's any question that if they let us go there has to go out and find a receiver deploy salmon in those are two guys i think would look at his feet in the top receivers now they've changed their imo in regards to free two seat ever since they side uh brandon car way back when did that fifty million dollar contract they haven't given a guy big contract and free agency other than their own guys and and so they're gonna have to change their philosophy a little bit to go out and get one of those guys but i think they are going to have to i don't know what you do with your number one receiver if you don't have debts brian on your us we can go when the jaguars resigned blake borders i pulled up the list of all quarterback contracts entering the 2017 season with their annual payment and rank them all by starters and i actually forgot that prescott because he was buried so far behind all of the veteran backups many of whom got cut before the season even started he didn't show up on the list until close to the bottom averaging six hundred eighty thousand a year jerry jones recently commented on the value of having a quarterback who takes up so little of the cap and you also have a running back who relatively takes up a little a portion of the.

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