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Dog keep an eye on his groin issue. He left the game last week, is he going to be okay in this game? It sounds like he's gonna play, but is he going to be Andy, Dalton, west Tyler? I for who's Jay green with the groin issue. Right. What did I say Andy? Excuse me. AJ green. All right. Has the groin issue. A talent effort is looked better in the last couple of weeks. I wonder if he has a bigger role and perhaps a breakout game this week. I'm not sure if he's even playing more snaps than CJ Ussamma. And Tyler Kroft there they're using I for, but it seems like they have imposed a limit on him to keep him healthy to like twenty to twenty five snaps a game. I don't know if he's quite as explosive, but he's certainly a red zone threat. He's catching passes. They're pretty good at tight end. They have three tight ends. They can use you. Boyd is their number one receiver this year in terms of yardage. I mean, he's on pace for thirteen hundred yards. John Ross a huge disappointment. I think they can be fine even without a specially when Nixon's back. And I think they'll be fine this week because they're playing one of the worst defenses in football. I mean, Dan Quinn. They gave up five hundred yards for the first time since he was the falcons coach last week afra- no resistance, really the last couple of weeks. And I know a lot of it is injuries. That's just that's just how it is. And they don't have a system apparently in place that can survive even when TAC mckinlay's been on the field, they don't have much of a pass rush in when he's off the field. They, they basically have nothing one real quick thing. The Bengals need to fix Carlos Dunlap had a great game last week, but they enjoy. Gut gashed by the run. I mean that that's not supposed to be happening to this front seven and like they that game was essentially to me not as close as the score looked. Thank you Juliet for yet. Swear on a trenchant now I actually watched this game last Sunday. So that's coming. Yeah. Mismatch have Gino Atkins whose plane as well as he's ever played. And that. Tyler, either by the way has been increasing snaps each week. So it seems like they're trying to work it into the offense..

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