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Oh seven one who's hotter jamie during an we're charlie hough and by the way this will be the winner is added to work many empty on of hot man with that was good man of the out monthly that looks yeah yeah you know that that's a good one so we still have yet to put up or man the on photos because we currently have zach effort ryan run all the chris brown chris press so many of them just term a feeling this is the story who good feeling that yeah from crennel and did and then i think there's one other won the kind of her made feeling now you're playing time you're just okay christine said charlie all the way hot and more how but yeah yeah yeah yeah he said kerley with you more believable with be de awesome to and chinese always said turley by why through through his girlfriend when she came under fire he lives on a farmer something to in raises chickens unease olli ecological the example of charlie is boys announced because he's an english person the scc said charlie hot i'm all the what so early hone in town up in here gagne said charlie hunt only bucket in various said charlie huh number all the way you know come murray said and did not know it's okay and i said my vote goes to charlie hannoun wow i read all the other than a you know disappointed when the news came out that he wasn't gonna do that role installment see in the movies can i include my three office mates for their votes kenley yeah sure anywhere okay so one and use all over we haul for charlie home on there's more man let's see blueline a sad high vote for jamie during and okay doing one for trial and then we just scott from taylor charles for more okay wouldn't yeah kept stuff okay so what we got twitter okay over on the twitter side again we're doing jamie jordin vs charlie hahn and we got savages the puck or excuse me savage the says jamie jordan is probably cute or not but i don't know i wanna give that did you need to know yeah it is but i'm not sure peg you said.

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