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In his career he be ahead of emmitt smith pays for the alltime rushing record in their one yellow had yeah there were a a moment where we thought if anybody is going to catch emmett it's going to be adrian peterson drew peterson at age twenty seven had a two thousand ninety seven yards season he was well ahead of emmett space yemen club to realize what you did hear day and you fell into his trap this tweet was sent out about an hour before the tax that starters adrian peters in his miss 33 games in his career emmitt smith fourteen barry sanders mis seven walter payton has missed one of course this all comes back to water paid non missing game but i think likeability factors into this we have issues with tiki barber his occur within clean he wasn't the star in college and we dismiss his stat he can barbara carried the ball three times four three hundred times in the season four times so the peterson you can't take he's not a durable back i'm not even a big tiki barber fan but sometimes we ignore stats because of a likeability a guy well peterson we saw we saw a throwback running back cheeky was more everybody is a hybrid of ricky watters in my opinion with what ricky watters did with the niners and i do think ricky watters is underrated i think you rush for ten thousand yards in had five hundred receptions ricky watters started all of this and then it was marshall fog who mastered it and now a christian mccaffrey comes in as a what a hybrid here yelled leonard four net might be a throwback running back to an adrian peterson type but a lot of these guys you got to be able to catch the ball you've got to be able to block i i think it's a fair argument there but tiki use a better allround back who's not in a sniff the in today in today's nfl i would rather have tiki barber than i would adrian peterson but adrian peterson is a whole all of famer and tiki barber would beaches to fringe hall of famer did we solve anything they're on more now never tap and how i wanna know that calls it all right we'll get phone calls let's take a break here eight seven seven three.

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