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One eight two three three four regulated whether vision. Real estate. This report is sponsored by Staples. It'll be partly cloudy tonight with an overnight low of forty two stunning at warm tomorrow, high of seventy four sunny with a slight chance for thunderstorms on Thursday, a high of sixty nine Staples has the supplies you need to run your business like a boss this week by one HP officejet pro in cartridge and get a second thirty percent off. So you can stock up and save offer ends three thirty nineteen restrictions apply. See store associate or Staples dot com slash HP. Book for details. Staples. Six thirty. Radio then you can hear this Sean Hannity show tomorrow afternoon at one getting six thirty K how from iheartradio Denver's talking about you'll hear it on six thirty. Yeah. That's the theme from the Terminator. And you think about robot movies the top robot movies out there? None of them are good for human beings. Probably the exception of big hero six right? But whether we're talking Westworld or RoboCop the matrix blade runner. Yeah. Metropolis the Terminator.

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