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Boy. I know they have that affect everyone. Was Distraction GonNa say just like you were saying no matter how big or small of a platform you have, even if you don't have social media, just like every vote counts every word you spread counts just talking to people about it, but now it needs to be more than just the conversation now and needs to be actions and Mike. You just said clearly that actions are working because there is change happening. That's why I hated. What Roger Goodell from the NFL did because this is a guy that like allowed. NFL owners to black ball. Colin. Kaepernick who was peacefully protesting systemic racism in this country, and then goes and puts like a grainy android video notice suspect to android. Five. That's like hey. We should have listened. Sorry, and it's like Oh. We're good now like no, you're not good. Action. Why don't you to call and Capper Nick? Why don't you start a real dialogue with them? Why don't you talk about how? There's no black coaches just to black coaches NFL. Yeah! Bondage she and I. Like is our ability to love the chargers. No matter how much they depress year after year. Button Sheena said a meme in our family group chat the other day. You have to tell them about it. Says, someone, send it to me, and for a split second I was like Oh my God, and then I realized so. I get a picture sent to me, and it's an empty trophy case. And it was like Oh my God the riots, and the looting and La all of the chargers, super bowl trophies were stolen and our mom text back and goes w. t f like she's social and we're like mom. and. She calls herself a chargers. For the one second I was like Oh, no, but I was thinking I was like. Was it the new stadium? Because then I was wondering you know. Were there like? Protecting the stadium and it just all these things went through my head for like a split second. I was like we've never won. In Yeah. Never say never. It's okay, maybe you wet. The new so-fi stadium I thought we were going. Get Brady, but there was a chance you now. There's a chance anyways. We're getting distracted from what's important. Football can wait. It's not happening just yet. Did you watch watch what happens live last night with Andy? Cohen he had Porsche Williams on. and. Kamol Bell. Say His name. Yeah I know the second part is tonight, but just in that. What twenty two minutes it was on air I mean Porsche as the daughter of a civil rights movement leader. She had so many good things to say and she was so articulate. And then watched it again, and I like I was taking notes on. Did you see last night? It's recorded at home so you can watch. One thing that I noticed that Kamau said that was interesting, he said if the vaccine comes out tomorrow that white people are going to stop talking about this and I want to know your opinion on that because I feel like this time, it is different and I feel like because it has been so push through the media that it's like you can't escape it. No matter where you go, you are forced to deal with this and. And to watch and educate yourselves about it. So what do you think with I listen? I can't speak for how other people will act and I. Don't think anybody. Can All I can plead with people to do is take again. Individual responsibility for your own advocacy in this have conversations that make you uncomfortable except that systemic racism is real and that you're African. American friends have gone through generational oppression debt like you have never experienced. And I have never experienced, and like be willing to listen and be fucking empathetic to that like just because it's two thousand and twenty, and you think that racism isn't as prevalent as like. Shut the fuck up. You know what I mean like. There's a systemic racism that's been in place for generations that still affects the African American population, so be your own advocate have conversations that make you uncomfortable. Call out friends who make insensitive comments towards you, and if people focus on their circle like you're a friend of mine urine, my circle and you're not racist and I know that, but if there was somebody in my circle, who said some insensitive shit like I'm calling that personnel. And if you do that, that's how systemic change happens. People overlook that Shit. They like. Let it slide. Someone says something insensitive. It's a God. It's just someone like breaking balls or be. It's not and so I think this time around like you said people have finally realized. It's time to make that change. Even if you don't feel like racist, there might be things you're doing that. Like could propel that without. Even realizing is uneven for those of us to obviously are not racist. It's not to just not be racist. You know. And I, even I told my sister. She helps me with my instagram on Mike for the rest of my life on instagram every day. I want something on my story I should have been doing this a long time ago, but it's like because I know I'm an ally and I know I'm not racist, but it's not enough to just no, you need to be more vocal about it, and that's one thing that I as an ally. I'm going to make a stronger decision and choice to do that all of the time because just speaking. Speaking about it knowing it, it's just it really. It's not enough, but that's the difference this time. Yeah, and this isn't meant specifically to you. This is all of us this time. Versus every other times is like when you ever said Hey. Moving forward every single day I'm going to be committed to the movement, and so like it feels very different to me fully, so so I'm I'm really encouraged by what I'm saying I think this is going to be a big change. Yeah I I. Certainly Hope so because this country needs it i. made a note of one of the things that Porsche was saying. Just how the conversation isn't enough. We need police reform. And she was talking about House bill six, thirty six that she is standing behind where it creates a database that lists any officer who has used and abused excessive force, and makes public record..

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