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Four miles from the airport and the shop admit closed on Sunday the day before. So when they got to work that morning someone noticed that blood was dripping from the trunk of a car. I know and call the police it's so awful when police arrived they opened his truck and found her body inside in her own garner own car, she had been badly beaten and then stabbed multiple Tien awful, obviously. Okay. So obviously are fucking one of her coworkers or someone had budged your time card. But why like I'm sure you do that before? Right. Your friends like I'm running late. I mean, can you blurt bleep? Leaf that acusations leap the place. I just mentioned you worked out people covering for you or going like, yeah. I don't can you make sure it doesn't look like I'm ten minutes late, right? Or I'm leaving three hours early. Out when you leave right? But that's like for people like working jobs that you don't care about for people who work their way up and certainly not for the bus. I mean, she charge of every right? Yeah. Yeah. So it's not doesn't seem like a request. She would make or request whatever. So, but it wasn't her her her mother her parents from others name is Marlene. They weren't thinking about that question because there was no sign of robbery or rape. So the family was led to believe that sue was the victim of a random crime. So that even consider the time card and her mother, Marlene lovely fucking woman. She believes all that until late nineteen Ninety-three so year later. So sue's mother is going through her daughter's own room and discover sue's diary oh shit. Marlene? Fucking surprised to read sue's detailed accounts of the rampant sexual harassment that she'd been enduring at work leading up to her murder. Marlene reads house in Porsche Marlene pursued didn't want to worry her family and were your parents about it says, you just read it in her diary, her mom had no fucking clue about any of this Merlene reads, how Susan male co workers and unrelenting 's had held a campaign of harassment against her. They spray painted obscene. Graffiti about her on coal cargo holds and employees bathrooms and they had vandalized her car. She frequently complained with the manager and filed complaints with the management at Northwest Airlines and her union, but of course, it's fucking ninety two. And even now very little has done when sue continues to launch camp complaints. She started getting anonymous threatening phone calls in the middle of the night. Yeah. And this is before she's promoted to ramp. Supervisor the job originally went to another male employees, and it turned out that he had a legally bid on the position. So when she filed a grievance to her union about it and one and so this guy fucking fired from the job sh- the harassment. Of course, got worse. Yeah. And to the point where sue discovered a drawing a coffin with her name on it scrawled inside her locker. Wow, awful. But also, I think it's just goes to show people like to dismiss sexual harass you as like a will. You can't hang with the boys. You can't this or that. But oftentimes, and I've said this to people I read this. It was worded really well in an article I read once, but it's basically like trying to say to regular guys you need to notice the dudes that incite this shit, those aren't normal brains. If there's a person who's like, let's go gator. There needs to be action. By the dudes that are in the group, but don't feel that way. Right because they're under their own kind of peer pressure to go along Galle. Even if it's not like, let's get her. If a guy, you know, he remarks on her asked or something it's like even without her hearing. It's I don't talk like that. I don't you know, that's more just shut the fuck up every once in a while. But sometimes if those pressures were those groups are too intense, then then people start going along. It's making me think about that Shirley's there on a coal mining movie its own believable. It's basically it's similar, but. Yeah, murder. But yeah, it's just that idea of boys when you're in a boys club. How those boys clubs can go insane. If there's a woman in the mid right, go insane. They it's really horrible. And it just, you know, another example of how being a woman is a threat to your life into your livelihood. It's just being a woman. Nothing more than that. And also, having ambition and bid totally. Yeah. Fuck breaking up the boys club. Yeah. And so in her diary, soon names names of harassers were. Okay. Thank god. I know. Yeah. So changing the fuck in changing gears. Switching gears turns out that the month before sues murder several northwest. Baggage handlers had been subpoenaed to testify before the federal grand jury because they were investing the theft of hundreds of credit cards that have been shipped on Northwest Airlines flights to Boston, and then fucking stolen. So someone at Boston. When the when the credit cards got in there on the plane had stolen those credit cards on the credit cards being used to buy jewelry and get cash advances in casinos and racetracks in Las Vegas Atlantic City. Donald trump. All his spots. Probably. Well, it says this is I didn't notice for Las Vegas Atlantic City and Foxwoods in Connecticut. I don't know what that is. What does the casino and a lot of comics do a shows? So you live near is it like Rb dancing? You know? I have no idea. All I know is that I hear comics going like, oh, I'm going to play FOX doing talks with apparently a cool gig. Oh, cool. Yeah. That's where I'm making this summer to get up there. They ended up netting. Whoever soul. It ended up netting over seven million dollars. He's. Wow. And that's nineties money that's nineties money, which now we know is worth nine hundred. So the secret service the FBI? And of course, the superheroes of the world. The US postal inspection service. Yes, we're involved in the investigation. And it turns out that some of the in very baggage handlers that soon aimed harassers in her diary are indicted on the stolen credit card charges. Okay. How does that connect? Let's find out that right now right now, the ringleader he's described in court as the initiator at northwest was a dude named Joseph in nineteen eighty nine before her murder, obviously sue had filed a complaint and got him fired for six months, which doesn't seem like a punishment. That's not being fired. If he came back to the job after six months is suspended. That's exactly right. Your mug says. That's so he retaliated with some of the worst harassment against her. He's fired again when the subpoenas are handed down in the credit card cases in August, nineteen Ninety-two and reportedly told people he thought listen all of this is alleged can I can I just blanket that now? Oh, I thought you were saying that's what he said. No guys. This is a allegedly know everything I'm saying about him. He hasn't been charged with any crimes. Okay. Yes. Yes. But he was the credit card stuff was real. Yes. That's all robot. The here we go. Okay. He told people thought sue a snitch ratted them out the thirties. He thought she was snitch for the credit card shit in reality. Sue actually known Volve -ment in this whole thing and had never been asked to assist the investigation. But of course, they didn't know that or didn't believe that. So over the next few years thirty thirty seven people, including ten northwest. Baggage handlers are convicted on federal charges of participating in the stolen credit cards. So ten of those people that sue was being harassed by our fucking part of this credit card ring that they think she's bucking smashing on him. And then gets murder. Okay. Another baggage handler mentioned in diarrheas, Robert who she had a brief affair with. And after that affair ended Robert started getting super hostile towards sue and threatening her new boyfriend and sue and when the subpoenas are handed down for the credit card theft. He gets the fuck out of their transfers to an airport out of state. And then he just gets probation because he testified he got three year prison. Sentence for the credit card bullshit in K. So as for the night, a sous murder. They're like, maybe this is connected. The authorities think so this dude Robert is questioned about his whereabouts that night, and he's like Yoko I was at that out of state airport that I work at working at the airport, and I had no contact didn't talk to him at all do but years later, he's indicted on three counts of perjury to council obstruction of Justice after they found out that they find his time cards and and phone records and prove that he's not working that night. And another point is before she left for the sandwich run around one AM sue had received a telephone call at work from an unidentified person who wanted to meet her supposedly. To like someone learning her out. Right. So robbers convicted of obstruction of Justice for lying to federal grand jury that was investigating Su's death. He admitted he lied was whereabouts that we kind of death, and he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison. And then, of course, federal Pierce appeals court ruling Ross case reveals that in nineteen ninety eight the investigators had named Joe a possible suspect in sue's murder and evidence cited showing that he had blamed sue for the disciplinary action against him years earlier. He had vandalized car. All of this is alleged vowed to get revenge against her and accused of being a snitch in the credit card investigation. So all these fucking things. But since then there has been no further action ensues case. Oh, yeah. It's fucking cold. Still and still open sue's mother Marlene is tonight is fuck just like her daughter, and she's never backed down in the fight. She's like up front and center fighting for her daughter's Justice, and she says she. Thinks somebody said her daughter up and thinks that the anonymous call the night of her murder was from someone her daughter trusted who lured her from the airport to kill her. And since sues murder Marlene every single year on the anniversary of sue's murder Merlene holds a vigil at Logan airport, and you see her she's carrying a sign with sues photo on it reminding people that this woman who worked here and was last seen here was murdered and advertising two hundred fifty thousand dollar award for information leading to the killer's arrest. Well, and I watched video about it. And she says, quote, I'm very she says, I'm very very healthy woman. She's getting older because I'm a very healthy woman. And I'm not going away going to look over your shoulder until the day that I go, but I will get you. And I will get Justice for my Susan. And then so here's a footnote, if you wanna cry member sued wanted to be a cartoonist and had been a huge. In of Charles shells Schultz. He drew Snoopy especially for her that adorns her gravestone. Now, he drew it's a her to get on her grave. You look it up. Because she was such a huge fan of his. That's awful. Sorry. No. I mean, but that's that. I mean, like just was unsolved murder unsolved mysteries. Because they people want information still to this day still fucking. It's one of those ones in the back of my mind that every you know for the past three years we've done this. I've always thought of it like and you to do that some day. So it's not okay. And that's kind of nice that we have this podcast where we can let call attention to these insane cases like the one we did last week Colin pitchfork where it's like how is this person spending less time in jail than the person's life who he killed. You know, he'll the fifteen year old and he's getting less than that time that she was alive in jail. So it's nice to call attention to these fucking insane cases where the suspects are still alive. They're still time to fucking prosecute them. There's gotta be more info on them. There's got to be people now willing to talk. It's a new look, and it's a different era. 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