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If you're a cancer patient and have an immune issue. So it's really where you want to be about forty to fifty net carbs a day. So I he's he was pushing come on. I got you gotta Dr Joe come on your doctor Joe, you can give me a way to get a jelly Donut a day. So I said here's the deal if you eat figure out how many grams of carbs are in jelly Donut. I'm gonna say fifty I'm making that up. Okay. I don't have no idea how many grams in a jelly Donut. Then you have the fifty grams of fiber. So you have to have something that's almost pure fiber like Chia seeds of flax seeds, grind them up and take that. And then you back to zero again in c zero out that that that jelly doughnut. Now, you can't do this forever because you can only eat so much fiber your day because you blow up and we don't want that. So when you eating foods that are high in fiber. It's going to help set off balance out your net carbs, and that's going to be what you're shooting for and guavas pretty high fiber. You can eat the entire fruit. The the Ryan to the seeds all the way down. It's. Edible. It's nutritious, right. Is more vitamin C than the flesh of an orange, and you can get them in most high end grocery stores, many times Latin stores have it. But here's the thing. If you're gonna eat the skin of anything, whether it's an apple or anything, you always want to make sure that those are organic because otherwise it's gonna be sprayed with pesticides and chemicals and herbicides. And you don't want to do that. Now, if you're gonna eat anything fruits or vegetables, you always want to wash them even your ones because that's assume you're going to get a watermelon not organic, and you've got to cut it open. Maybe pesticides on the skin. You're pushing it right into the into the part that you're going to eat so get some soap and water. Just plano dish. Soap, scrub it down. Whatever you're gonna eat. And then eat it. You're going to be much happier with the results. Now you can use apple cider vinegar. If you want to soak it in apple cider vinegar as well. But if you go to eat the skin I always recommend organic because with Apple's let's say something you probably do eat. We'll spray it with pesticides or chemicals, and then different wax. So what we do is we ceiling in the chemicals. So if you take apple just taking a regular commercial apple put it in hot water like a boiling couple of water, watch the wax float to the top scary. How much waxes in there and those wax or sealing in the chemicals? So if you're going to eat the skin make sure it's organic only is that. Okay. All right. I start taking some callers eight four four four four. Dr Joe, we've got a lot more. We got cover here. So much information. Jeff, how can we make your day better? Well. My wife was her prajit nerve, new Raja. Okay. We're pretty good at that. What usually happens trigeminal nerve is what's called a cranial nerve. It comes directly from the brain out to the body. All the other nerves is twelve nerves all the other ones go down the spinal cord and come out. So those are kind of indirectly going to the body the cranial nerves come out so TriGem Araujo every case I've ever seen. I've seen a ton of them the skull shifted slightly and the hole in the skull. With nerve comes out is now being compressed. Now could be a virus as well. So it could be viral issue. But if it's the bone at a place pinching, and we need to put the bones back in place and unpainted nerve. Then we gotta assume that might be an infection. Let's get her on some things that'll help build up the immune system. Dr jobs wellness booster, vitamin d certainly you need to be taking five thousand international units of vitamin d every day super greens and essential source. That's the minimum amount of nutrients. You should be taking every day. And every case we've ever had when we get the diet straightened out down. We get the bones back in place to jam neuralgia. Us response beautifully. Okay. But why how long are we talking about? You know, I wish I had an answer for that. I've had some patients you come in. And after one treatment, you see market improvement some people it may take five or ten treatments. Start seeing improvement. But then we continue treating even after the symptoms. Go away on any condition to make sure that we stabilize the spine. So it usually happens pretty quickly. We're talking, you know, visits two weeks not years. But if she does nothing it could be there for months, and maybe even years, and that's the downside of Jamil neuralgia. So you're not far we have an office. We have an office in Duluth. So why don't you set up an appointment? Come see us. And we'll take a look at it for. I have another question. Yes, sir. I like your. Yes, sir. Search for what I'm looking for like. Information on kidneys. Okay. Okay. Garrett. He wants to know how to search something on the website. I'm gonna give this over to my my young guy here. Okay. So the top right section of the website. There's a search bar, and that's an index from Google so anything that you type in there is gonna use Google's index to find it on our website. So what were you looking at? Stage four. And getting real close five wondering, you know, what and practices would help me. Well, what you wanna do? What you gotta be really careful with the kid needs. You gotta cut out all your heavy proteins. And I you know, I've been in practice thirty four years and until about ten years ago. I hardly saw anybody would kidney failure. And now, I see five six cases a week. I mean, that's how common it is. So you got to cut out the heavy proteins, especially the animal proteins because the kidneys filter out all this waste products so sugar and animal proteins have to be cut out like not cut back cut out. And you got to take the stress off the kidneys. And the sugars any animal proteins that have two things that are going to do it artificial sweetener. I assume you're not doing I hope you're not from a chiropractic standpoint. Okay. Good. From a chiropractic standpoint. We check the nerves in the mid back the nerves in new lower mid back control, the kidneys. So if you have a pinched nerve there we got to open that up and then there are certain supplements. Depending on what else we find? I'd get you on super greens essential source vitamin d nitric oxide, cut out the meat and dairy products. And then if we need to there's some other supplements, we can take that I use for the companies that might help with the kidney problems as well. So we've seen like I said, I see this stuff all day every day. And I wish I didn't. So. Okay. Hi, jeff. If you wanna put you on hold. Okay. But I got to go to break. So hold on one second, folks. Dr Joe Esposito if you have a healthcare question.

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