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Was really bad but. You know it's been a learning process so it's been fun. What? Else can swim. Kenley. Crazy. Every do this. Stuff, no. Please stop. Just stop it. Bothers me find it really it. It's almost as bad as sub scraping their nails across the chalkboard to me. That's how bad. That's how bad it is. That's a bad I much I hate that sound economic. What was that an interesting fact? So what was? So that's the story of the coffee shop or next coffee shop the coffee store maybe I'll do a coffee shop one day. I used to. Hire you as my manager. Apparel. You'll get are you giving your little? Give you an office and all you gotTa do is like you could be like, Hey, I'm Colonel Max. So what I say goes I saved the world. So. Telling you. That would be bad TV show I would watch that show. The Commodore. But we got that out of the way that was a real quick overview of the coffee our mind thing what does it think about cats poop? You're told me about. So and we can get it later. But just so people know in case there were wondering there's something in cat boop that makes you like cats. Like. You smell it. Parasite..

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