President Trump, China, Michelle discussed on The Family Meeting


This is palmer president in siem consensuses live sciences see this welcome back to the same speed yes we have an incredible conversation today where the heads no specific subject stand no specific solutions dan mile all night acquaintance but that is royal family meeting as a yes yes we certainly means a stupid now with try to make it something that it's not okay let me get some crazy paul in chicago police say a man well you the bathroom i'm dr it on a highway near chicago john like care i was talking to lady di on the phone that's what i call you garang all china so what about a year you guys uh it all about a year on to all we were having an hour of i'll la la la monday the uh given what fired sanctuary at all the knob on now i thought michelle since one rahm emanuel i love the way you hear me well know you already all my life i'm not a raise senator joe here i'm not a right oh know you know schiller is gone so much for aiding scale nothing else and the white house inviting her in my opinion white marsh linda wifi all well well whatever you know i think patch trump's whole i'm all they want us to be applied at the white house today away now let me he had seen a lot of all go trump's of lawyers are no longer southern get out of there so many people that i know that are like well you all know all about once again the national and low amanda wait a minute warding more why why do we rush small let's get what i hear a lot of these la la land there you wanna to okay it will drive draws you is so fast we let him when he was on point do the game paul atherton it landed the it gets dropped out these we gotta do this thing over here when that happens let me get chef call it i suppose that song such a shot chairman mao sure throw heard the sugar bad breath regular research eric word brought i'm ed and to answer your questions eric we are better her my need whose birthday she eight a gala shape in that.

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