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Of basketball camp Transylvania's city Kentucky yep there's a Transylvania university Kentucky hi everybody Connie Willis here and yep I went there Transylvania river city there really is one and and it is you know for the smart ones it's really good I think you'll you'll get up people don't ever believe me I might know it's real it's real speaking of real as well our website is awesome by the way I hope you guys check it out make sure I mean these guys really work hard there's a big group of them our small team of them you can look at it either way you want to look at it but they put together a lot of stuff on here they keep it up to date I mean they are working hard and I'm telling you okay alien contactee group in Thailand thank our trouble the authorities really well that's interesting don't you think there's always fun things in the very serious things there's a webcam out there and it's up in the Hong Kong spots or hours in Hong Kong when it okay the viewers in Hong Kong that's what me off here they spot loch ness monster over close the Hong Kong wow and that's what it looks like if you take a look at the picture we have it up on the site in Khost you missed it which I think is a fabulous name there there are some interesting pictures in there you need to check it out as the highlights from the past week and I don't know how this one guy swallowed is it's it's like a denture set up then his mouth and it's in his throat after surgery had been done and they have the X. ray but I don't know I don't know how he went as long as he went with that being in there not be an uncomfortable or I'm having problems significant problems anyway there's that and you can also find out who's going to be on the air who are going to be interviewing or George nor is going to be and so on and so on it's wonderful stuff and I hope that you tune in and check it out thank our web guys out there to coast to coast AM dot com it's awesome check it out.

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