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The violence is the reason it's not a newsreel for Trump because we know for sure the media is not going to provide a new Israel for Trump the newsreel. Is quite the opposite with the media pointing a finger at Trump for this where he is at the far this person that you would blame for this violence going on, which is which is at its core. The tools of a march this organization anti fun black light Now they're not Marxist organizations. They are people that are there out there. Look, I don't think you're a fascist. Are you, Joe? Absolutely. Aren't you support Do you support fascism? I support capital is okay. But I'm going a lot of questions here. Do you support fascism know? Okay, So are you then anti fascism. Did Joe, Are you anti fascism? Are you pro or anti fashion? Isn't I'm anti fashion So we'll see you later. 1 808 for 892221 808 for eight W A. B C. Look, if you're pro fascism, please come out and say it. If you're anti fascism, then you know it's just shorted for antifa. I mean, And if it's not even really a movement, then around headquarters. There are people that come out to the streets that are anti fascists on anti fascists. I think most people are anti fascists in America, maybe not. Attorney General Bar. But I think most Americans are antifascists. What? I wondered A for 89 to 2 to let me go. Duck. Naomi in Kew Gardens. Naomi, how you doing? Hi, Chris. Hi, Christiane. It's Naomi in Kew Gardens. Hello. Hello. Now you need great to talk to you. I don't always agree with you, but I think you're very sharp. One of the suggestions for The violence gets out of control. I agree that some of it may be cherry picked because I know that in Kew Gardens, we've had demonstrations and none of them violent. But what is your suggestion? When things spiral out of control? I think the local Lord I think that local law enforcement if things get out of control, local law enforcement has an obligation to get them back under control. The problem is, is that what we're seeing right now is nothing out of control. In fact, the violently the protest in Portland. We're kind of winding down. They were getting smaller. And the president just needed something to give his campaign something to put on his Twitter feed. Well, you wanted my question. I really appreciate I hope I hope your stay in coal. Hope you're staying cool in Kew Gardens talk you soon, 100 for 89 to 2 to let me go to Jack in Brooklyn, Jack. Jack. Hey, Jack. How's it going? I think the phone's air slow in Brooklyn today. I think there's a problem with a delay in Brooklyn. I'm doing well. How you doing, Jack? Okay, um alone about these protesters, not the protests themselves. But the right is doing all the damaging. Well, we do. How do we control these? I just told my friend from just a feeling I just told Naomi that look It is a responsibility of local law enforcement to make sure that people's lives and property are protected. And you know, I don't agree. With people who are out there throwing rocks at windows and lighting fires. That's nonsense. That's not protest ng. That's not what you know the great late John John Lewis would would have approved of, or Martin Luther King or others. Okay. Protest is one thing, violence and writings. Another thing. The problem is, the president is trying to make it seem like everyone in the streets is a rioter, and that's my problem with this guy. Out whatever they're doing. The most crap they're chanting. You know these these boot these jackbooted thugs that Trump said to Portland. Are gassing moms. They're beating on veterans. It's nonsense. 1 808 for 8922218 under W A. B c 108 for a W A B. C. Let me go to Jo in the Bronx, Joe Hello. Hey, Joe, how you doing? Hey, Horace, really quickly with going to black lives matter The reason why the media countenances them and tolerates them is because you know, black lives matter in their anti white, anti American anti western of Propaganda fits in with the propaganda line in the agenda of the mass media, and it's just proved my point. I'll give you an example You might recall a couple years back. There were a few college students on a number of campuses around the country that put up posters and stickers. That simply, said one statement. It's okay to be wiped. And again, you know the response to those very simple, innocuous, harmless statement that I mean there was no invective directed against Joe, First of all. Black lives matter is a movement that's gaining support nationwide. It's got 65% approval across the nation. People who don't approve of black lives matter fit into a couple of categories. One Old white guys that hate to see change it all young white guys that can't compete in a fair marketplace and are concerned that now they you know they're not going to have a leg up just because they're a white male in America. Black lives matter is responding to situations that exist. They're not creating situations that exist. Yeah, I would agree with that. All right. There you go. Well, then we're in agreement. 100 for 892221 808 for eight. WNBC. Look, I mean America. These protests aren't happening because nothing has been wrong in society. These protest or a reaction to what's going on. Two Briana Taylor. To George Floyd. Two. I don't know. Lots of oppression, Lots of inequality. Lots of social judgment, justice problems in his country. This isn't something that just grew out of nothing. This is something that is vital and this is who we are. As Americans. We go out and we stand up for what we think is right. One area for 89 to 2 to one another day for eight W A. B. C..

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